Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Today's Justice Committee consideration of Megrahi petition

[What follows is from a message sent this afternoon by Justice for Megrahi’s secretary, Robert Forrester, to JfM supporters:]

Following a splendidly diplomatic contribution from John Finnie MSP, supported by Alison McInnes MSP, the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament today resolved to maintain 1370's status as open before them, and, even more importantly, in the final words of the Deputy Convener, the JC is going to write to the Lord Advocate asking him what his response is to JFM's eight specific questions surrounding the appointment of an independent prosecutor who will consider Police Scotland's final report on Operation Sandwood. These questions have remained unanswered by the Crown Office since the beginning of November 2015. The response from Chambers Street is now eagerly awaited.

Today's proceedings may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Click on the link and go two hours and 30 minutes into the broadcast.

[RB: A message sent to supporters yesterday by Mr Forrester, which contains a link to the relevant committee papers, can be found here.]


  1. "These questions have remained unanswered by the Crown Office since the beginning of November 2015."

    A high profile case with hundreds of dead people, and alleged criminal involvement by government officials in perverting the truth.
    Well, I suppose that as long as the Scottish press keep quiet anything goes.

    Scotland might learn something from better developed countries like Thailand. We had just such a case recently, and the press, including the national, was (and is) all over it, and with grave implications for those involved (Google for 'thailand human traffickers camps')

  2. Supporters may now read the 5/11/2015 JFM letter sent to the Lord Advocate. This letter contains the eight questions posed to him in regard of the independence of a prosecutor to consider the Police Scotland final report on Operation Sandwood, covering our nine allegations of criminality lodged with them against Crown, police and forensic officials. In a highly significant decision at yesterday's hearing of PE 1370, the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament resolved to put these specific questions directly to him via a letter from the clerks of the Justice Committee.

    The letter can be located on the parliamentary website by following link:


    It is in the form of a pdf labelled: 'Letter from Justice from Megrahi to the Lord Advocate (5 November 2015) (444KB pdf)'.