Monday, 4 January 2016

Megrahi petition at Justice Committee on 5 January 2016

[What follows is from a message sent today by Justice for Megrahi’s secretary, Robert Forrester, to JfM supporters:]

Tomorrow, 5th January 2016, the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament will convene to consider, amongst other matters, PE 1370. This meeting will commence at 10 AM, however, given that the Justice Committee will be conducting evidence sessions with two government ministers prior to hearing public petitions, it is unlikely that the committee will consider 1370 before 11 AM. The meeting may be watched live via the parliament's TV broadcasting system by connecting to the following link and clicking on links which will take you to the meeting of the Justice Committee in committee room 4:

Background information on 1370 may be found here:

You will note that JFM sent a letter to the Lord Advocate on 5th November 2015. With respect to this letter, he defaulted on his ministerial responsibility to reply to queries from the general public within a maximum of twenty working days. This limit was overshot by a total of fourteen working days, thus, JFM was not in receipt of his response until 31st December 2015. We have, therefore, submitted an emergency supplement to the Justice Committee outlining our considerable displeasure at both the conduct of Chambers Street in the above regard and at the content of his letter. Indeed, we have lodged official complaints with COPFS and the Jusice Committee.

Since Police Scotland's Operation Sandwood final report on our nine allegations of criminality against Crown, police and forensic officials is likely to be forthcoming in the near future, we sincerely hope that the committee will be able to accommodate this supplement in its busy schedule tomorrow.

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