Friday, 18 December 2015

Something disturbing and rotten in our justice system

[On Monday 14 December, Justice for Megrahi circulated a letter headed The Crown Office - cause for serious concern? This morning JfM has issued a follow-up press release. It reads as follows:]


“... something disturbing and rotten in our justice system”

A letter this week by Justice for Megrahi (JfM) to 350 of Scotland’s ‘great and good’, informing them that bias and prejudice have disqualified the Crown Office from assessing a major new Police Scotland report into nine serious criminal allegations related to Lockerbie, has elicited outspoken responses which show Lockerbie, after twenty-seven years, is still an issue of the highest importance that the Crown Office can no longer be trusted to deal with.

Hugh Andrew, Managing Director of publishers Birlinn, states: “Behaviour such as the clear leaking of information by the crown prosecution service to sympathetic journalists, the pointblank refusal to accept the implications of a damning report and the refusal to consider clearly relevant new evidence not available at the time of trial and independently verified, is a pointer to something disturbing and rotten in our justice system. In a case of such importance it is essential that all evidence is fairly and openly considered. That every form of subterfuge seems deployed to prevent this begs some fairly ominous questions.”

Justice campaigner and retired police officer Iain McKie, a member of the Justice for Megrahi committee, commented: “A major Police Scotland report is about to be published which could point to Mr Megrahi’s innocence and possible criminal acts by former Crown Office personnel and prosecution witnesses. Surely this disqualifies the Lord Advocate and Crown Office from coming anywhere near this report.”

He added: “Our SNP government was elected by people like myself who were searching for more honest, open and transparent government. It is a matter of some regret to me that Michael Matheson seems to have turned his back on us in support of the arrogant and totally unjust stance being adopted by the Lord Advocate and Crown Office.”

Patriot and Nationalist Ian Hamilton QC observes: “I don't think there's a lawyer in Scotland who now believes Mr Megrahi was justly convicted.”

Prominent Scots author James Robertson, also a JfM member, states: “The Lord Advocate/ Crown Office have described the JfM complainers as ‘conspiracy theorists’, dismissed the allegations as ‘defamatory and entirely unfounded’ and ‘deliberately false and misleading’, have acted publicly to underline Mr Megrahi’s guilt and have threatened the integrity of the ongoing police enquiry. What more need I say.”

One of the most distinguished of Scotland's criminal court solicitors and a member of JfM,Len Murray, observes: “The Lord Advocate/Crown Office have refused to have a prosecutor totally independent of them appointed to assess the report and decide on any prosecution and the Scottish Government has refused to act to protect the public interest. It seems clear that these authorities are intent on burying the findings of this report.”


  1. Patriot and Nationalist Ian Hamilton QC observes: “I don't think there's a lawyer in Scotland who now believes Mr Megrahi was justly convicted.”

    The verdict seems indeed to be a contender for a record of "least supported officially accepted theory".

    Sure, a high number of people with detailed knowledge of the evidence is willing to discuss the case and the verdicts. But finding such a person who also supports the official theory seems to be impossible. We haven't seen one for years.

    "Something rotten"?
    Yes, that people care so little.
    You could say they have the justice system they deserve, and pay dearly for it without realizing it.

  2. Annual Memorial Service at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, Dec 21st, the anniversary of the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie Scotland. 1:30 PM. Honored guests are Attorney General Loretta Lynch; FBI Director James Comey; CIA Director John Brennan; Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff; Lisa Monaco, Advisor to the President for Homeland Security and Terrorism; Admiral Neffenger, Transportation Security Administrator, and Ken Dornstein, producter of the Frontline Series "My Brother's Murderer".

    1. Frank
      If your available id like to buy you a drink after? I'm sincere at wanting to have a civil conversation with you & discuss my allegations of a cover-up. I've already promised ppl that at the cemetery I will simply show my respects to the victims. For the record whenever a person approaches me that lost a loved on on Pan Am 103 all I ever did was listen to them and if they asked me any questions I answered them to the best of my ability. I do NOT know who bombed Pan Am 103 all I know & have provided to the govt is proof of a cover-up.

      I'll email you my cell #.

      Lastly & Respectfully iWish everyone whose lives were touched a happy holiday season.

      Sharyn Bovat

  3. From one year ago:
    Magnus Linklater
    The Times UK...
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    1. Lockerbie, and the mangled logic of Magnus Linklater
      John Ashton

  4. An update ... I saw Frank at the memorial ceremony & he was kind to me, said he knew my uncle. He didn't seem to want to talk to me so I gave him my card In case he changes his mind. Also I saw a CIA friend but pretended NOT to know them ...that
    person seemed agitated and whispered a lot to their colleague. John Brennan the CIA Director was a last minute "NO Show" & Ken Dornstein gave a great speech and encouraged James Comey (FBI Director) & Loretta Lynch (Attorny General) to question his "suspects" .. Ken seemed like a good guy I sat on the shuttle bus next to him (coincidence) and asked if he got my messages I sent to hm, he didn't receive my correspondence so I gave him my card and told him I was part of the cover-up and offered to help him find the truth. Again I do not know the truth cause I was only part of the cover-up.

    It was a nice ceremony and a person came up to me and thanked me for my preservence & I told that person it's a GLOBAL effort & i hope somethings breaks soon cause I can't keep ramble over & over again about all I know which is very little BUT it's enough to scare the CIA:):)

    All in all a good day!!!

    Peace & Respect

    Sharyn Bovat

  5. Something rotten in the justice system and the crown is only part of it. Its nice to see all you good people fighting to expose this rotten and corrupt system which has been allowed to carry on unopposed for many years. Of course its all been done in "the national interest" and mi6 controls it all to make sure that nobody steps out of line. Interesting to see that heads of mi6 when they retire go on the boards of the oil companies in whose intersts they have been working (bp). Megrahi and libya were stitched up for lockerbie so they could get control of libya's oil which gadaffi had nationalised and spent the country's oil wealth on improving the lot of his people. In the eyes of "the west"that was a huge crime which took them years of conniving and planning to put right. The mess they have made of libya is a monument to their stupidy and greed. Has it made any difference to them. I doubt it as thanks to people like the LA and the Crown they are completely above the law. You people might put a spoke in their wheel. that remains to be seen.There are a lot more of them in the country unfortunately all placemen ready to support "the national interest". What if Megrahi and libya are found innocent of the lockerbie bombing, will they get an apology. I doubt it. Probably a load of legal gobbledigook thats gets them off the hook. You've heard those politicians and bankers say it before"I've done nothing wrong, its all been done inside the law" Can't wait to see the next stage in this battle.