Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ex-FBI agent forgets the script

[What follows is an excerpt from a report headlined Ex-Agent Hosko: FBI 'Unmatched Around the World' in Terror Forensic Probes published today on the Newsmax TV website:]

Russian President Vladimir Putin's call for FBI help in investigating the crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 in Egypt comes as no surprise since the Bureau is a world leader in forensic investigations of terror incidents, former FBI agent Ron Hosko tells Newsmax TV. (...)

When asked if evidence of a bomb would be gone at this point of the investigation, Hosko replied:

"The advantage is from a forensics point of view, it was an area essentially over the desert so that many of the pieces ought to be collectable. Even if some have buried themselves slightly into the earth, you could with metal detectors identify, locate, and bring back a lot of pieces over essentially a flat piece of land.

"This is not a remote mountain side nor is it over the ocean. So there's a great opportunity for forensics experts with the right mindset to collect and then to analyze.

"Yes, some of the device, if it was a device, would be vaporized. However, the FBI has shown repeatedly in investigations here… that you can find those small items. Just look no further than Pan Am 103 where they tracked it back to barometric triggers and sensors and pieced that puzzle back together and went back to Libya.”


  1. If it was not so tragic, it would be hilarious. You would think that a case such as Lockerbie would be "taught" at the (FBI) Academy? BTW, on this day in 1988, a german judge decided to release M. Khreesat...