Monday, 30 November 2015

A fresh look at the bombing of Pan Am 103

This is the headline over an article by Trina Y Vargo that was published yesterday on Huffington Post. It reads as follows:]

Photos of the debris of a Russian airliner scattered across the Sinai reminded many of another plane that also came apart at 31,000 feet, more than a quarter of a century ago.
On December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in midair, killing 259 people on board and 11 residents in the town of Lockerbie, Scotland below. Several victims were Massachusetts' residents. Many questions about that bombing remain unanswered, but new clues suggest this cold case should get a fresh look.
In 2001 a Libyan, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, was convicted in a special court in the Netherlands for planning the bombing. After serving only 8 years in a Scottish prison (about 11 days per victim), the Scots released him on "compassionate grounds" in August 2009. It was reported that he was about to die from prostate cancer. He didn't die until nearly 3 years later and I was not alone in believing that his release had more to do with oil than compassion. Within days, he was meeting with Muammar Qadaffi, who, according to The Guardian, "heaped praise on Scotland, his 'friend Gordon Brown', the Queen and Prince Andrew, saying all of them had contributed" to the release of al-Megrahi.
Among the 189 Americans on Pan Am 103 was a 25 year-old named David Dornstein. Ken Dornstein was 21 years old when his brother was killed. In an excellent three-part series on PBS's Frontline, Ken, a documentary-maker who has been investigating the bombing, makes a compelling case that bomb-maker Abu Agila Mas'ud should be added to the list of suspects.
It was reported last month that the Scots and the US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch have asked the Libyans for help in tracking down two suspects, presumably because of what Dornstein uncovered. While the suspects have not been named, the Libyans shouldn't have to look far to find Mas'ud or Qadaffi's former intelligence officer, Abdullah al-Senussi, as both are currently serving time in Libya after being convicted in the same trial. (The upheaval in Libya in the years that followed the 2011 killing of Qadaffi meant that his loyalists had to flea or try to hide and survive in a chaotic Libya where there is no love lost for the former regime.)
Dornstein's investigative work is impressive. One thing it should hopefully do is put to rest any suggestion that al-Megrahi was innocent. One of the most compelling things Dornstein presents is Libyan television footage of al-Megrahi's return to Libya, which shows some of the worst characters in the Qadaffi regime greeting him like a brother. If al-Megrahi was innocent, why was he warmly embracing al-Senussi and Al-Masud (who are identified in the video for the first time by Dornstein)?
This new information will also hopefully lead to a fresh look for evidence that may reach beyond Libya. At the time of the bombing, I was a foreign policy adviser to Senator Edward M Kennedy. In addition to supporting the bringing to trial of al-Megrahi and another Libyan who was ultimately acquitted, we encouraged the Clinton Administration to continue to investigate the many questions regarding possible Syrian and Iranian involvement in the bombing, questions that date back to the Reagan Administration.
The most widely held theory is that Iran, seeking revenge for the July 1988 downing of an Iranian Airbus by the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf, sponsored Ahmed Jibril, the Syrian-based leader of the PFLP-GC to carry out the bombing. Jibril's plans were disrupted in the fall of 1988, when German agents raided his terrorist cells in Germany in an operation known as "Autumn Leaves." It was believed that Jibril then handed off the plans to Qadaffi who was all too happy to carry out the bombing because he hated President Ronald Reagan who had bombed Tripoli and Benghazi in retaliation for the 1986 Libyan bombing of a discotheque in Berlin which killed 2 American soldiers and injured 79 others.
Several investigators at the time told us that only the two Libyans could be tried because they were the only two for whom prosecutors could make a case. With so much upheaval in the region, opportunities may now exist to obtain more leads and answers. The Obama Administration should make it a priority to quickly interview al-Senussi and Al-Masud. They might unlock answers to Qadaffi's personal involvement and perhaps answer questions about Iran and Syria. The US should also investigate other fresh evidence Dornstein has uncovered. And what of the Syria and Iran? Where is Ahmed Jibril? A 2012 New York Times reference to the Bashar al-Assad supporter suggests that he is either still in Syria, or perhaps Iran. And why did Scotland really let al-Megrahi go?
There are many questions that deserve a new look. The FBI might want to hire Ken Dornstein to give them a hand.


  1. New suspects? A new trial? The original trial evidence reviewed and analysed?

    The only identification witness lied in exchange for multi million dollar rewards?

    The only forensic evidence faked by somebody, somewhere, somehow?

    The chief forensic witness shown by his own writings and evidence to have misled the judges?

    The chief police investigator concealed his notebook containing evidence suggesting the innocence of the accused?

    Let the facts be exposed to a new, unbiased generation of watchers.

    Please, please, Scottish First Minister, let a new trial begin, and soon.

    1. Never going to happen. This whole thing is an elaborate "Oh look - a squirrel!" distraction. There's no chance at all of the case being exposed to legal scrutiny again, in any way, if the Crown Office can possibly help it.

  2. DOSSIERS LOCKERBIE, 2015 >>> unanswered letter to
    Michael Dalgleish
    Detective Superintendent
    Police Scotland
    Major Incident Room
    Cornwall Mount
    DG1 1PZ

    Zurich, 25 November 2015
    Document: Nr. 5043.rtf

    Subject Lockerbie complex

    Dear Detective Superintent Mr. Michael Dalgleish

    The ongoing Lockerbie investigation in the USA and UK – Renewing of International legal assistance.
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    The former Scottish SIO Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson (Crown witness number 696) in June 1990 – accompanied by Chief Inspector, William Williamson (Scottish Police) and Forensic expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) visited on June 1990, the FBI Criminal Laboratory in Washington, lead by FBI Expert Tom Thurmann.

    Their task was to compare a MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) was (allegedly) found in Lockerbie with a MST13 Timer (K1) in possession of the CIA. The K1 Timer was found in Togo. The results of the investigations and comparison have been documented in a secret FBI-Report in Washington on August 20th, 1990. Dok. Nr. 26-223. The document is now declassified: Link to FBI declassified FBIreport:

    Based on research by Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. the presented fragment (PT35)
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    2) The FBI laboratory report confirms that the examined (PT35) timer fragment was covered on both sides with solder masque. (Solder masques are green in colour).

    3) The FBI laboratory report confirms that the colour of fragment was green and consisted of 9 layers of fibreglass. All those characteristics confirm that they did not examine and compared the original black carbonised (PT35) fragment as allegedly found in Lockerbie; the fragment (PT35) was a false DUPLICATE - A FRAUD OF EVIDENCE!
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    >>> continued below >>>

  3. >>> continued >>>

    At the court in Zeist, witnesses as, Scottish Chief Inspector, William Williamson, Dr. Thomas Hayes (RARDE) and expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) made under oath, false statements. For example it was testified that the MST13 Timerfragment, registered on the additional page 51, was found already on Mai 12th, 1989 in a Slalom shirt!!!

    All those “flops” led to a massive “slowdown” of a possible new review of the Lockerbie case. False statements – especially by highranking police officers and forensic experts should be taken very seriously. It is high time to file an extraordinary criminal investigation against SIO Stuart Henderson, William Williamson, Allen Feraday and Dr.Thomas Hayes.

    The former FBI Special Agent RICHARD MARQUISE, task force chief and coordinator, between FBI and CIA in the "Lockerbie affair" – made an important statement in the documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited" by Gideon Levy. It underlines the importance of the MST13 fragment as a crucial piece of evidence. Link:

    I filed in 2011 a criminal complaint against an employee of BUPO (Federal police) and possible third persons involved. The Swiss Federal Justice and Policedepartement EJPD granted permission, to open a criminal investigation against the employee.
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    Significant: The first pictured "patchwork" timer fragment (PT-35) was sawed in two parts at company Siemens in Munich, on April 17, 1990. The greater part was designated as (PT-35/b) - the smaller portion was marked with with
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    The proof of fraud:

    2) The second picture shown below, is a "Thüring" MST-13 Timer circuit board, presumably the duplicate of the (PT-35) fragment was fabricated - composed of nine (9) layers of fiber glass (with such circuit boards, the Libyan MST-13 timers were fitted).
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    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage:

  4. Amazing what thin gruel some journalists will lap up and re-broadcast, if it's promoted by the right media.

  5. Wikipedia: From 1987 until May 1998, Vargo served as a Foreign Policy Adviser to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) in Washington D.C. During her years with Senator Kennedy, she worked directly with political leaders in Northern Ireland, the Clinton Administration, and the Irish Government, serving as a key behind-the-scenes player in the Northern Ireland peace process.[6][7] She was instrumental in negotiating a visa for Gerry Adams to visit the United States in 1994.[8] That visit led to the historic IRA cease-fire declaration in August 1994.[9][10]

  6. There's a nice circularity going on here. Ken argues that Senussi and Masud must be co-conspirators in the Lockerbie bombing since they met Megrahi on his release. Trina argues that Megrahi was rightly convicted because he was met by Senussi and Masud...