Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Lockerbie suspects 'can be interviewed' by investigators

[This is the headline over a report published today on the BBC News website. It reads in part:]

Scottish and American investigators have been invited to travel to Libya to question two new suspects in the Lockerbie bombing.

Mohammed Abouajela Masud and Abdullah al-Senussi were named last week.
The offer to speak to the men came from a spokesman for the National Salvation government in Libya.
It controls the capital, Tripoli, and large parts of the rest of the country, but is not recognised by the international community.
National Salvation government spokesman Jamal Zubair told the BBC: "They can send some investigators, they come here to see those guys and see what they can do.
"Always we are very helpful, we want to talk to people and we want to show what we have.
"We might have more evidence about other people or maybe those guys have more information about something else, might help you." (...)
Both of the newly identified suspects are currently serving prison sentences in Libya, which is in chaos as rival factions fight for control of the country.
Senussi, who was sentenced to death in July, is appealing the verdict. He was the brother-in-law and intelligence chief of former Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi.
Masud is reported to be serving a prison sentence for bomb-making.
Both men were named as possible suspects by an American TV documentary last month.
Documentary maker Ken Dornstein's brother David died in the Lockerbie bombing. (...)
Megrahi's part in the bombing has been called into question in a series of books and documentaries.



    Do not forget: Suspects are Suspects - neither accused nor perpetrators ... Much more important is the discovery to the evidence fraud, against Libya, with the manipulated MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35)!Retired Special Agent Richard A. Marquise, FBI's chief investigator of the Pan Am Flight 103, said that there would have been no conviction without this piece of evidence.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. It's sad that the BBC timeline of "key events" omits reference to the appeal process. So much for impartiality.

  3. The whole thing is a smoke-screen aimed at reinforcing the preferred narrative of Megrahi as the bomber acting at Luqa. The BBC as usual amplifies and publicises the establishment position, and although it may give some air-time to other vews, these are treated as side-lines and at best "dissenting opinions", not as part of the main discourse.