Friday, 17 July 2015

Every delaying tactic in the book

[What follows is an item posted on this blog on this date seven years ago:]

Justice delayed…

More than a year has passed since the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission referred Abdelbaset Megrahi’s case back to the Criminal Appeal Court on the basis that his conviction might have amounted to a miscarriage of justice. More than nine months have passed since the first procedural hearing in the new appeal was held. More than six months have passed since the appellant’s full written grounds of appeal were lodged with the court.

Why has no date yet been fixed for the hearing of the appeal? Why does it now seem impossible that the appeal can be heard and a judgement delivered by the twentieth anniversary of the disaster on 21 December 2008?

The answer is simple: because the Crown, in the person of the Lord Advocate, and the United Kingdom Government, in the person of the Advocate General for Scotland, have been resorting to every delaying tactic in the book (and where a particular obstructionist wheeze isn’t in the book, have been asking the court to rewrite the book to insert it). The judges on a number of occasions have expressed disquiet at the Crown’s dilatoriness; but have so far done nothing meaningful to curb it. This must end. The delay is becoming scandalous. The reputation of Scotland’s criminal justice system is being further tarnished in the eyes of the world.

And all the while a man languishes in Greenock Prison. I have never made any bones about my view that the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi on the evidence led at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands is the worst Scottish miscarriage of justice in the past one hundred years, indeed since the conviction of Oscar Slater. But even those who do not share my views, or who are neutral on the issue, would surely accept that the delay in bringing the new appeal to a hearing on the merits is beginning to look cruel and unconscionable.

It is up to the judges to start cracking the whip. The words of Francis Bacon in his essay “Of Judicature” are perhaps worth recalling:

“A judge ought to prepare his way to a just sentence, as God useth to prepare his way, by raising valleys and taking down hills: so when there appeareth on either side an high hand, … cunning advantages taken, combination, power, … then is the virtue of a judge seen, to make inequality equal; that he may plant his judgment as upon an even ground.”

[RB: It is perhaps worth pointing out that the delay that I was complaining about above followed the delay of three years and nine months between the submission of the application to the SCCRC and the Commission’s delivery of its decision.]



    Also officials of the judiciary in Switzerland, are trying to block the truth in the "Lockerbie complex" by law delay. Immediately, the former Generalprocecutor, Felix Bänziger, ex deputy of Carla Del Ponte, about bias in the complex of Lockerbie, must resign. (Federal Criminal Court ruling of 25 June, the 2015.

    Auch Offizielle der Justiz in Switzerland, versuchen durch Rechtsverzögerung die "Lockerbie Wahrheitsfindung" zu blockieren. Ab sofort musste der ehmalige Bundesanwalt, Felix Bänziger, Stellvertreter von Carla Del Ponte, wegen Befangenheit im Komplex Lockerbie, zurücktreten. (Bundesstrafgerichts Entscheid vom 25. Juni, 2015.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO LTD Telecommunication Switzerland, Webpage:

  2. It's also worth pointing out that about two months after that was written the appellant was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and given a fairly short time to live. The delays continued and even worsened, despite the fact that the timescale envisaged by the court extended well beyond the appellant's then-predicted life expectancy.