Friday, 19 June 2015

Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies

A video of Dr Morag Kerr’s recent talk Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies on the "suitcase jigsaw" aspect of the Lockerbie evidence can now be viewed online. Click here.


  1. Personally, I wouldn't watch it on a bet....

  2. Dear Rolfe

    Like your book it was rich on facts, presented by one who clearly had deep knowledge.
    Your own dedication to the subject made the presentation living, and the contact to the audience was excellent.
    Thanks to those doing the recording.

    There is an old saying "A half truth is like half a brick - it is much easier to throw it".
    People like you and Caustic Logic go into the full and detailed picture, and present it for an audience who comes for more than light entertainment.

    Those in the need of an easily digested roadshow, can instead look at Marquise's presentations.