Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jet blast case was 'botched'

The following are items from today’s Scottish edition of The Sun on Sunday:

[The second of the above items reads in part:]

Three years ago, Dr Swire, 78, and the Justice for Megrahi campaign group submitted nine claims of wrongdoing to Holyrood.

Now a police dossier is expected to prove several key points.

A source said yesterday: “Investigators set about testing them.

“It seems some are broadly true but were the result of incompetence and could not be said to be criminal. But that doesn’t appear to be the case across the board.”

The report could uphold accusations that false evidence was given in Megrahi’s 2001 trial.

It will go to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland in the summer, who will then decide if criminal charges should be brought.


  1. Prediction: "It will go to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland in the summer, who will then decide that criminal charges should not be brought."

    1. I'm at the stage where I don't care if they bring criminal charges or not. If they will only LOOK at the evidence and realise that the entire investigation was a clusterfuck of galactic proportions, and the investigation got not just the wrong men but the wrong modus operandi in the first place, I'll die happy on this one.

      They can give the entire brain-dead boiling of them blanket immunity from prosecution in perpetuity, for all I care, so long as the truth of what was missed and ignored and misinterpreted and swept under the carpet is acknowledged in the clear light of day,

    2. There is no way our crown office will ever admit they were wrong

    3. They may be forced to. They're powerful, but not omnipotent.

  2. Living with the "Lockerbie Affair", 2015 - (goggle translation, german/english):
    Tried an extraordinary prosecutor in Switzerland, a criminal investigation against an employee of Swiss Intelligence (NDB) - causally associated with a potential evidence of fraud to thwart in the 'Lockerbie case' ?

    On July 18 2007, Eng. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO Ltd.) had confirmed in an affidavit - the unauthorized possession of an MST-13 timer board (prototype with 8 layers of fiberglass) by an official of the Swiss Federal Police (ex BUPO). From this MST-13 timer cricuit board, the manipulated crucial evidence (PT-35) was produced against Libya - with high probability ?
    Justice For Al-Megrahi and Libya, both had nothing whatsoever to do with the 'Pan Am 103 Tragedy' in Lockerbie !

    Edwin Bollier & MEBO AG, waiting for the court decisionin in the next few weeks ...
    Versucht ein ausserordentlicher Staatsanwalt in der Schweiz, eine Strafuntersuchung gegen einen Mitarbeiter des schweizerischen Nachrichtendienstes (NDB) - im kausalen Zusammenhang mit einem potenziellen Beweisbetrug, im 'Lockerbie-Fall', zu vereiteln ?

    Am 18. Juli 2007, wurde die unerlaubte in Besitznahme einer MST-13 Timer Platine (Prototyp mit 8 Lagen Fiberglas) durch einen Beamten der Bundespolizei (ex BUPO) - in einem Affidavit von Ing. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO AG) bestätigt. Aus dieser MST-13 Timer-Platine wurde mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit das manipulierte entscheidende Beweisstück (PT-35) gegen Libyen, hergestellt ?
    Edwin Bollier & MEBO AG, warten auf den Gerichtsentscheid in den nächsten Wochen...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage: