Monday, 16 February 2015

Copenhagen synagogue previously targeted by Lockerbie suspect Abu Talb

[The following are excerpts from an article datelined yesterday on the website of Frontpage Mag:]

It was a grim anniversary of sorts at the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen where a Jewish volunteer guard was shot keeping Muslim terrorist Omar El-Hussein out of a young girl’s Bat Mitzva.

Muslim terrorists had previously targeted the synagogue in 1985:

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) Bombs today destroyed the downtown office of a US airline and damaged a synagogue and Jewish home for the elderly, injuring 23 people, at least three seriously. Three Americans were among those suffering minor injuries, the US Embassy reported.

The bombings were the most serious acts of terrorism in recent memory in Denmark. The first bomb ripped open the Northwest Orient office, the only American airline office in the Danish capital. At least one other device was set off in a passageway bordering the synagogue and home for the elderly, in a narrow street deeper in the central city. The heavy wooden doors of the synagogue were blown down.

Seven residents of the nursing home adjacent to the synagogue were wounded.

While Islamic Jihad initially claimed responsibility, the actual perpetrators were a Muslim terrorist cell that had gained asylum in Sweden who belonged to a splinter group of the PLO. The leader of that cell, Mohammed Abu Talb, was alleged to be connected to the Lockerbie bombing. At trial, he claimed to be “not innocent” of the synagogue bombing.

A Swedish court reduced his sentence from life to thirty years and there are reports that he was already released.

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