Friday, 12 December 2014

CIA, Lockerbie and perverting the course of justice

[What follows is the text of a letter from Dr Jim Swire published in today’s edition of The Herald:]

In the Lockerbie trial at Zeist the CIA was the major provider of evidence to the Scottish police nominally in charge of the investigation.

From day one CIA agents were observed removing and interfering with potentially evidential material at the crash site, unimpeded by any scene-of-crime precautions.

During the trial a sliver of circuit board was produced in court, allegedly found at the crash site and discovered within a Scottish police evidence bag. The bag was seen to have had its label interfered with. The court accepted that the sliver had come from a long running bomb timer owned by Libya.

What the court did not know was that the sliver of circuit board had been manufactured using technology which had not been in use with manufacturers until the early 1990s, years after Lockerbie, and so could not have been from the wreckage in 1988. To the court it seemed strongly to support the prosecution case that the bomb had travelled all the way from Malta, courtesy of such a timer.

Those who seek the truth over Lockerbie, would like to know who made this clearly anachronistic fragment, what their motive was and how it came to be found within an official Scottish police evidence bag, thus apparently deliberately assisting in perverting the course of justice.

Hitherto both the Scottish and UK Governments have refused objective and comprehensive review of the tragedy; now is America's chance to define the role of the CIA in this dreadful case.

By assisting the court in reaching a guilty verdict against a Libyan, the scene was set for the subsequent NATO bombing of Libya, which led to the murder of Gaddafi, the collapse of Libya into an anarchy where thousands have died, and where ISIS is now able to run training camps in the East of the country, while the country's armories have been looted to supply terror groups throughout the Sahel region.

This apparent perversion of justice through CIA actions appears to have led to results which have killed more people even than those horribly murdered in 9/11.

If America wishes to overcome the CIA's deep stain on her reputation for freedom and fairness, as at least some of her senators and her President seem to want to do, she will need to investigate just how far back the CIA first became a semi-autonomous rogue organisation.

The senate's investigations must now be extended back in time to cover all aspects of the Lockerbie bombing, the truth of which so many in the Arab world already believe has been deliberately concealed to this day for political reasons, by the West.

Enough of the present Senate report has been left unredacted to show not only that the limits of the law were far exceeded, but that a culture free from the restraints of honesty or integrity had been accepted without question by many in the service.

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  1. Living with the "Lockerbie Affair 1988", since 1990 >>2014 - google translation, german/english:

    For exact legally valid information evidence - which 'State Service' submitted to Lord Advocate in Scotland - the 'Document under National Security' (PII) ? MEBO Ltd. can organize US $ 3million, success Money.

    'Lockerbie Affair', not the "Lockerbie tragedy" > what really happened ?
    Which State service had gotten "cold feet", as 1996, possibilities was transpired that the (1991) selected two Libyan defendants, Abdelbaset al- Megrahi and Lamin Khalifa Fhima, examined a possibility to go for a trial under Scottish law, in a "neutral" country?
    An unknown State service had sent after that, to Lord Advocate of Scotland, on 13th September 1996, a crucial *document under National Security (PII) ?
    Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini QC agreed on the 20th of February 2008 to open the secret *document (Pll) but the UK Government by Advocate General Lord Davidson, QC, - Westminster's representative in Scottish matters - refused so and argued that it was not in the public interest to release the secret document. He claimed higher national interests: "The national security was at stake"!!!
    Procecuting counsel Ronnie Clancy added that the secret document did not originate from the USA or one of ist agencies as the CIA.

    The Lord Justice General’s decision to keep the secret document under closure indicates again very clearly that the whole process against Megrahi and Libya was from the very beginning a political process and not a fair criminal trial!
    Later on parts of it leaked to the Herald – that a miscarriage of justice may have occured in the conviction against Megrahi and identified 6 grounds that doubted his conviction. The summary of the report (only 14 pages) released to the press named only 4 of the grounds. On the third of October 2007 "The Herald" published all 6 grounds: Ground 5 concerns the secret document "under national security" about the MST-13 timer; ground 6 the remuneration of up to US$2 million to witness Tony Gauci (owner Mary House in Malta) by an US Intelligence Agency.
    What Privilege has the transmitted "Document under National Security" (PII) in possession of Scotish Justice ?:
    If the public interest in admitting into evidence information or a document that relates to matters of state is outweighed by the public interest in preserving secrecy or confi­dentiality in relation to the information or document, the court may direct that the informa­tion or document not be adduced as evidence.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage: