Sunday, 14 September 2014

Because of Megrahi US intelligence "wouldn't cooperate with independent Scotland"

[What follows is an excerpt from one of many articles in today’s edition of The Mail on Sunday explaining how the sky will fall if Scotland is so foolish as to vote to become an independent country:]

An independent Scotland will leave the rest of the UK exposed to acts of terrorism from groups such as Islamic State, security experts warned last night.

They say that on the day of independence Scotland will lose the services of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ and the rest of the UK’s intelligence-gathering operations.

Its newly created Scottish security and intelligence agency is expected to be left with just 720 spies to defend the new state – and it will no longer be able to rely on the cooperation of the American agencies, who view Scotland with deep suspicion after the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. (...)

And former security minister Lord West warned that Britain and America could be forced to spy on Scotland, which will be considered an alien state. If Scotland doesn’t have the resources or wherewithal to guard against Islamic extremists who have returned from Syria and Iraq then the UK will have no choice but to treat Scotland as hostile.

He said: ‘From the moment they separate they become a foreign country. As far as MI6 is concerned, they’re aliens. They haven’t thought this through. It’s deeply worrying.’


  1. I do not believe that Lord West has made this statement of his own volition.

    It is a message from MI6 and Washington to ensure that Scotland remains tied into a contract for cooperation between GCHQ and Washington.

    The existence of that contract has been several times confirmed by Robert Baer, former CIA Middle East specialist.

    For example, it has already ensured the secrecy of a report discovered during Megrahi's second appeal, which spoke in authoritative terms of Iranian and Syrian guilt for the Lockerbie attack.

    When the defence team, the SCCRC and the Scottish media discovered the existence of the report, the British govermnent immediately imposed a security clamp-down preventing all further discussion.

    The British people therefore remain in total ignorance of the true nature of our relationship with Washington.

    It is a corrosive and at times evil process, whereby truth has become a marketable and shifting commodity to be hidden or exposed at the whim of intelligence services.

  2. The lady protesteth too much, methinks. That little stunt has probably swung it for the YES campaign now. If this is an example of the depths Westminster has now deemed necessary to stoop to, we're well shot of them.


  3. And like the Kraken Nessie shall awake and wreak havoc across the Road to the Isles.