Saturday, 9 August 2014

The importance of being awkward

Today is the 82nd birthday of Tam Dalyell, former Labour MP (1962-2005) and Father of the House of Commons (2001-2005), former Rector of the University of Edinburgh (2003-2006) and continuing stalwart of the Justice for Megrahi campaign. During the seven years of this blog's life he has featured frequently. His appearances are gathered together here.


  1. Sirrah,

    Just sent him an email birthday message on the back of your post here. Thanks for the reminder. He was up there as one our first Signatories.

    By the way, I thought I had a problem with numbers till I met you. Tis six, not seven. I know this because seven is my magic number: that's when we all march up the High Street to the court (hopefully). In any case, whatever happens, we've come far in considerably less time than the twenty-five years of cock up or whatever one may wish to term it.


  2. I've altered the second last sentence to please Robert, even though I don't believe people thought the "its" in the original version really referred to JFM rather than the blog. But Robert is a stickler and any suspicion of ambiguity is to be avoided.

  3. Lord, what pain in the neck I can be!

    Pip, pip.