Monday, 21 July 2014

Maltese Prime Minister on Lockerbie

[What follows is a brief extract from a long article just published on the website of the Maltese newspaper The Independent:]

A question regarding the Lockerbie bombing ... was flung at Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during a question and answer session at the London School of Economics whilst discussing the Commonwealth. (...)

He added that Malta has been lucky that British bases were closed peacefully, without bloodshed. “We are a model as to how a country can transform from a colony to a free state”.

On the subject of Lockerbie, Dr Muscat argued [Dr Jim] Swire, the father of a girl killed in the bombing, said that Malta had nothing to do with the bombing and that he has met with Swire many times and will meet him again in the future. 

[The Maltese Foreign Minister has expressed himself even more clearly on Lockerbie: see Maltese minister believes Megrahi innocent.]


  1. Joseph Muscat is a smart cookie, who, unlike some UK and other Western politicos I could mention, surrounds himself with those whom he respects as even smarter cookies: his Foreign Minister, George 'The Doc' Vella being a classic example.

    God, how I wish we had the likes of Vella running the UK. The place would be a Paradise!


  2. The UK? No chance. A smaller unit? Maybe a glimmer of hope. Bear in mind the size of Malta.