Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lockerbie and MH17: is there no limit to the hypocrisy of Salmond and Cameron?

[From the BBC News website yesterday:]

One Scot is known to have died after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in east Ukraine, First Minister Alex Salmond has confirmed.
Ten UK citizens were among 298 people who were killed in the incident. (...)
Describing the incident as an "appalling atrocity", Mr Salmond called for an international investigation to take place "quickly and effectively". (...)
He added: "It is now vitally important that an international investigation into the cause of the crash proceeds swiftly and effectively, and that investigation teams are given full access to the crash site.
"The Scottish government is in touch with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ensure that any and all relevant expertise and experience in Scotland will be made available to the investigation now and in the coming weeks."
[From Prime Minister David Cameron’s Facebook page today:]
Like the horror of Lockerbie in 1988 when I was a young man, the images of the burnt-out Malaysian plane, 298 victims and their personal effects strewn across the wheatfields and villages around Grabovo in eastern Ukraine will never leave me. (...)
We must establish the full facts of what happened. (...)
We must turn this moment of outrage into a moment of action. Action to find those who committed this crime and bring them to justice. But this goes much wider than justice. (...)
First, there must be immediate access to the crash site and the crime scene must be preserved. The remains of the victims must be identified, treated with proper respect and dignity and returned to their families. There must be a ceasefire. And there must be a full investigation into what happened.
[Is there no limit to the hypocrisy of the leaders of the Scottish and United Kingdom governments? Both Alex Salmond and David Cameron have refused to countenance an independent inquiry into the Lockerbie case, notwithstanding the wishes of the relatives of UK victims and the now almost universal acceptance, on the clearest of evidence, that the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi was a travesty of justice and the inculpation of Libya at best precarious.]


  1. Comment with the help of google translation, German/English:

    Had through political "Machinations", including as by flight crash, 'Pan Am 103' over Lockerbie (270 victims) - other 298 innocent people with flight, 'MH-17', Malaysia Airlines, let the life ?

    Before any actual polluters are accused by the mainstream media in the question of guilt, should be solid evidence and the following "objectionable" questions are placed in the room:

    1) Who benefits politically from the "MH-17, Malaysia Airlines tragedy" ?

    2) Should for intentional reasons, the Boeing 777, crash on the Eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border ?

    3) It should be remembered that the range of that "alleged" rocket(BUK-M1) from the occupied territory of Eastern Ukraine to the unoccupied territory Ukraine would have been enough; thus would the aircraft within Ukraine crashed ...

    4) Logical thought Question: Which side in Ukraine - "EAST" or "WEST" or reciprocal - has, had, crucial political interest about these heinous "act of
    terrorism" on flight MH-17 carry?

    (Air missile "BUK-1-2", Mod 1998 target range 3-50km, Abfanghöhe 30-25000 m. According to Wikipedia, in Ukraine, about 60 systems in operation).

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd.. Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. Dear Prof,

    Spot on. But you know, of course, that the response will be the same old, same old: 'Mr al-Megrahi was tried and convicted in a court of law'. Then they'll probably turn round and blame you for being instrumental in setting the thing up in the first instance.


  3. That's the thing. They did their investigation and got their conviction, so they see themselves as having done all that was required. They don't see any contradiction at all.