Sunday, 8 June 2014

Official Report of Justice Committee's Lockerbie deliberations

At its meeting on 3 June, the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee decided to keep open Justice for Megrahi’s petition (PE1370) in order that the Committee could maintain a watching brief over developments in the Lockerbie case. The Official Report (Hansard) of the committee’s deliberations is now available here. The discussion of PE1370 is at columns 4633 to 4636.


  1. Seeing this in black and white for the first time, it was the most efficient consideration of 1370 to date. Well done the JC.


  2. MISSION LIVE WITH THE LOCKERBIE AFFAIR, 2014, (google translation, german/english)

    Was al Megrahi,s dropping of the successful promising "Lockerbie Appeal" 19/20 August 2009, achieved by extortion ?

    Professor Dr. Hans Koechler, UN Observer during "Lockerbie trial" held in Kamp van Zeist points out a servere error, which was not happening for the first time:

    According to Scottish law, it is NOT necessary that a convicted shall with drawal his demand for reappeal in order to profit from a so called "compassionate release". Such with drawal would have been necessary only, if Mr Adelbaset Al Megrahi would have been returned to his home country on the basis of the agreement between Libya and Great Britain referring to the mutual transfer of prisoners.

    It lacks of any reason, that Mr Megrahi has abandoned his right, that the reappeal-procedure shall continue also in the case of his sudden death. It is well possible, that Mr Megrahi was not informed/consulted correctly during his stay in prison. There is a vital danger, that this fatal error will deeply influence the jurisdiction in the case in question.

    Professor Dr Koechler explained to me personaly, that it is a generaly accepted principle of right, that such decision is only valid, wehn this desicion has been made in full liberty. Professor Koechler has furthermore immediately after the desicion of with drawal was made public asked, that all circumstances, which have lead to this desicion must be 100% cleared-including the role, which was "played" by his (Megrahi's) defense-team!

    MEBO states the following: The publication of Mr Megrahi's appeal-documents on his internet-webpage for the sake of clearing his name is a clear indice, that the "dropping" of his appeal was NOT based on his free will:

    Why so? / Possible answers

    1. Mr Megrahi was not protected to absolutely avoid a legally wrong decision by the present lawyer Tony Kelly;

    2. Mr Megrahi was possibly set under drugs which resulted in the fact, that his medical ability was out of control;

    3. Mr Megrahi was intentionable wrongfully informed about his legal possibilities ;

    4. Mr Megrahi was blackmailed by facts, which have - NOTHING TO DO - with the PanAm 103 attack and were clearly aimed do drop the appeal;

    5. It would have been the clear duty of the Lord Advocates at the appeal court in Edinburgh, to learn Mr Megrahi, that a dropping of the appeal-issue would not
    influence the 'compassionate release'!

    In a TV interview with Al Jazeera, the former Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi said at this time, that Libya has not accepted culpability, and only took responsibility for the actions of its citizens. "We never acknowledged any guilt ... and Libya was never indicted in any court as responsible!"

    Al Megrahi's family, the Libyan People, the families of the victims of PA 103 and any person and/or organization, who suffered either morally or financially, like MEBO, from this tragedy are definitely asking for a true, rightful and final decision of a second appeal on the High Court in Edinburgh.

    In order to restaurate the prestige and the honour of Libya and the whole Libyan People we again ask the respective unknown government (possible Switzerland or Germany) which has delivered to the United Kingdom, on September 13, 1996, a document under 'National Security' (PII), please give to Justice Secretary MacAskill the granted permission for opening PII for exoneration Libya's and public interests.

    by Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland, Webpage: