Saturday, 24 May 2014

The whole edifice is rotten

[The following item was published on this blog three years ago today, under the heading Gareth Peirce: “layers and layers of deceit” in Pan Am 103 case:]

Scottish lawyers' magazine The Firm has just published on its website a long interview with Gareth Peirce, the solicitor for the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, and a related news item. What follows is an excerpt from the latter.

Peirce says that the construction and maintenance of the discredited case against Megrahi has required active participation from those at all levels of the criminal justice system, with both tacit and overt support from the top of the political hierarchy. 

“In the most notorious cases, everyone played their part, absolutely everybody,” she says. 

“A big part of the blame lies within those who form the criminal justice system. It looks as if in the prosecution of the Lockerbie case, the defendants met the same fate, even to the extent of the same personnel featuring, in the person of the forensic scientists.” 

The principal forensic analyst, Thomas Hayes, employed by the Crown to testify against Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was the same discredited analyst who was proven to have fabricated his evidence in the manufactured case against the Guildford Four. 

He and Alan Feraday testified that the key forensic evidence, a fragment of circuit board, survived the explosion of Pan Am 103 and left traces of clothing connected to a shop in Malta. The owners of that shop provided the identification of Megrahi to the court, and were later found to have been paid in millions of dollars for their testimony. This testimony has been widely discredited by EU explosives consultant John Wyatt and others who claim that such an thing is not possible in physics. 

“That was the most shocking revelation to me,” Peirce says.

“Exactly the same forensic scientists who produced the wrongful conviction of Guiseppe Conlon, the Maguire family and of Danny McNamee, and had been stood down for the role they played. Yet here they were. Without them, there wouldn’t have been a prosecution, far less a conviction in Lockerbie. 

“What shocked me most was that I thought that all that had been gone through on Guildford and Birmingham, the one thing that had been achieved was that nobody would be convicted again on bad science. But yet in the Lockerbie case, it isn’t just the same bad science, it is the same bad scientists.” 

In July 2007 former MEBO employee Ulrich Lumpert swore an affidavit claiming that he had manufactured the crucial circuit board evidence and passed it to named individuals charged with investigating the Pan Am 103 case during 1989. 

“All of this is screaming out for an inquiry. The ingredients that make up the prosecution’s case are really so rotten. They can’t and they shouldn’t sustain the weight of a presumed safe finding. You can see that they are utterly contaminated. They have no integrity. The forensic findings lack all the ingredients that should make them safe. The continuity of exhibits is all over the place. The only other pillar on which it is held up is this non-identification. It is just a catastrophe. The whole edifice is rotten, and it is astonishing it was ever stood up in the first place.”


    Edwin Bollier and MEBO Ltd. have lost their State liability claim against the Swiss Government. The Swiss court held the claim to be time barred !?

    Comment by MEBO only in german language:

    Wieso hat der Schweizerische Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (NDB) - geleitet unter Direktor Dr. Markus Seiler - absolutes interesse daran den Schadenersatz und damit die "Lockerbie Affäre" als "VERWIRKT" zu blockieren ? Eine ähnliche "Masche" mit (PII) einem "Document under National Security" wird bei der Scottish Justiciary angewendet, um die gleiche Angelegenheit zu blockieren...

    Ein interner Brief (Feb. 2012) zwischen (NDB) und (EFD) wies darauf hin, dass das schweizerische Finanzdepartement (EFD), sich offensichtlich *bedrängt fühlte Edwin Bollier & MEBO,s Schadenersatzklage über insgesamt CHF 47,7 Millionen, mit dem obskuren politischen "Notblocker" VERWIRKT - abzuwimmeln...
    *(auf Empfehlung des Direktor des Nachrichtendienstes (NDB) Dr. Markus Seiler).

    Wenn der Staat mit Rechtsverzögerung und Täuschung vereitelt, dass der Geschädigte nicht in der Lage ist, sein Recht rechtszeitig geltend zu machen, ist dies rechtswidrig und die angeordnete VERWIRKUNG (Verjährung) verdient keine Bedeutung, mit anderen Worten, die Verwirkung ist nicht eingetreten.

    Eine Entscheidung des Europäischen Gerichtshofes (EGMR) vom 11. März 2014 (Asbest) - zum Thema "Verjährung" hat deshalb Signalwirkung und kann nicht mehr ignoriert werden. (Art. 6. EMRK)
    MEBO AG hat frühzeitig den Europ. Gerichtshof angezielt, musste deshalb aber zuerst die nationalen Gerichtsbarkeiten bis zum Bundesgericht nutzen.

    Bis heute wird die kriminelle Täuschung mit einem manipulierten MST-13 Timerfragment Beweis, rechtsgültig aufrecht erhalten - und erst seit dem 17. März 2014, wurde vom Eid. Justiz-und Polizeidep. (EJPD) - eine Ermächtigungsverfügung im Ramen von Vorabklärungen im Kontext der Staatshaftungsklage im Zusammenhang mit der "Lockerbie-Affäre" erteilt. (Art. 15 Abs. 1 Verantwortlichkeitsgesetz)

    Für MEBO AG ist der Weg an den Europäischen Gerichtshof (EGMR) für die Klage der gesamten Schadenersatzforderung von CHF 47,7 Millionen, jetzt offen.

    Edwin Bollier, MEBO AG Telekommunication, Webpage:

  2. Gareth Peirce claims that "this testimony" (the supposed discovery of PR 35(b))"has been widely discredited by EU explosives consultant John Wyatt and others who claim that such a thing is not possible in physics."

    I do not know who these "others" are, or if that is what John Wyatt claimed. I do not know what an EU consultant does.

    However I am unable to ascertain that John Wyatt is as he claims a PhD and while he claims to be a member of the Institue of Explosive Engineers they have no record of him!

    Perhaps the "incredibly thorough" Tony Kelly should have taken a few minutes to check out "Dr" Wyatt before commissioning him!