Sunday, 20 April 2014

The single decision ... which gives me the greatest pride

[The following paragraph is from an article headed I’m a Scottish Internationalist published today on the Derek Bateman Broadcaster blog. Derek Bateman is a former BBC presenter who is now one of the foremost pro-independence bloggers.]

As an independent nation, stripped of London’s influence, we can determine what our international priorities are. And they may be surprising. Scotland made one of the greatest public declarations of compassion a country can make when, in 2009, the Scottish government freed Abdelbasset al-Megrahi. You may disagree that he should ever have been released but I doubt if you can disagree that it was a decision that defied the major powers, notably America, and sent a message of love and forgiveness around the world. It is the single decision of the devolved government which gives me the greatest pride.


  1. Except it was done at the behest of US and would have been a complete outrage if he was truly guilty.

  2. I do hope that an independent Scotland's Government would show a bit of independent thinking and sort this sorry mess out. Our justice system needs to be forced to admit the evidence against Megrahi/Libya is fatally flawed with some of it looking likely to have been fabricated. I'm proud my country's leadership has bottle to send Mr Megrahi home to die but they still have him labelled Scotland (and Britains) biggest mass murder and that is scandalous.