Thursday, 27 February 2014

Verbatim record of Justice Committee discussion of Megrahi petition

The Official Report (Hansard) of the meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee held on 18 February 2014 can be read here. The discussion of Justice for Megrahi’s petition PE1370 can be found at columns 4234 to 4244.


  1. October Surprise - Operation Ringwind - Lockerbie bombing

  2. Interesting reading.

    I came to think of a satirical cartoon I saw the early eighties.

    The caption said "A spokesman for the Chilean junta has stated, that the country in recent years has made great progress towards the rights for dissenting voices to be heard."

    The cartoon depicted a jail cell, with a very meager man in a striped prisoner suit.

    The only light in the cell appears to come from the open door. In the doorway, a big guy with a broad and friendly smile, in a military uniform, is standing in the doorway.
    He hands the prisoner a pencil and says "You are now absolutely free to write whatever you want on the cell walls!"

    In our democracies we have replaced the cell walls with other procedures.
    They are nicer, but the effect is the same.

    It is, in essence, not the rules, laws or procedures. It is not about corroboration or SCCRC.
    It is the people allowed into the top of the system.
    And no rules accepted by the system itself will ever cause its downfall.

    Year after year.
    270 people murdered, decisive evidence of foul play, involving courts and police.

    Your judicial system is as corrupt as they come.
    The Lockerbie case has shown it to anyone who bothers, but the cell walls to be written on remains.

    The man in the cell knows that he may not get justice himself.
    But he knows that his sacrifice will be a little part of what one day must change matters.

    Praise him for his fight.