Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lockerbie victim’s dad in Malta to lobby for ‘truth’

[This is the headline over an article published in today’s edition of the Maltese newspaper The Sunday Times.  It reads as follows:]

The father of one of the Lockerbie bombing victims will be visiting Malta in the coming days to talk about the “miscarriage of justice” which has clouded the UK’s worst terrorist attack to date.

Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was on Pan Am 103 when it exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, said he hoped his visit to Malta as well as a forthcoming theatre production would prod people into questioning the case and demand the truth.

Dr Swire will be holding a question and answer session with audience members following the premiere of the play The Lockerbie Bomber, staged at St James Cavalier on November 1.

He will be addressing a meeting at the same venue on Saturday, November 2 and is also expected to hold meetings with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Foreign Minister George Vella.

Libyan man Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of planting the bomb on an Air Malta aircraft, before it made its deadly trail to Lockerbie, killing 259 in the air and 11 on the ground. He was controversially released from prison in 2009 on compassionate grounds, before succumbing to prostate cancer.

“I believe that the alleged link between Malta and the Lockerbie disaster should be limited to admitting that someone bought clothes from a shop in Sliema at some point before the disaster, the remains of some of these clothes being found in the Lockerbie wreckage,” Dr Swire told Times of Malta.

“There neither is, nor ever was, any proof that this was true.”

Dr Swire stressed there are sound reasons confirming that no unaccompanied suitcase was allowed onto KM180 at Luqa and that no unaccompanied suitcase was unloaded from that aircraft at Frankfurt.

“That being so it will be a particular pleasure as well as an honour to be able to discuss the situation with the audience following the play The Lockerbie Bomber, for it is apparent that the bomb did not pass through your airport on its way to the skies over Lockerbie that day.”

He added: “It is tragic that the good name of Malta and particularly the very high standard of Air Malta and your aviation security those days should have been impugned through the allegations raised by the prosecution.”

Staged by DNA Theatre Productions and directed by Herman Grech, the hard-hitting play features some of Malta’s finest actors: Mikhail Basmadjian, Julia Calvert, Manuel Cauchi, Alan Montanaro, Denise Mulholland and Alan Paris. Staged to mark the 25th anniversary of the bombing, the production is supported by Times of Malta and The Strickland Foundation.

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    The after-checking into the Truth and only the Truth revealed,
    the Lockerbie Key Evidence MST-13 timerfragment (PT-35) were forged (manipulated) and the Police Labels and accompanying crucial Documents were dated back for criminal intentions against Libya !

    1) > The discovery of a tiny fragment of a Swiss MEBO MST-13 timer played an essential role in the Lockerbie investigation. In fact, according to FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise, who led the US part of the investigation, he said in a interview by Gideon Levy's documentar film: I don't think we would ever had an indictment without the MST-13 timer fragment... pleas. watch the Video on:

    2) > Eng. Ulrich Lumpert (MEBO) was a key witness at the Camp Zeist trial. In his testimony, Lumpert stated that: "of the 3 pieces of hand-made prototypes
    MST-13 Timer PC-Boards, the third MST-13 PC-Board was broken and he had thrown it away."
    In his Affidavit, certified he admits having committed perjury:
    "I confirm today on July 18th 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fibre-glass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22nd 1989 to a person officially investigating the Lockerbie case," Lumpert wrote. (The identity of the official is known.)
    "It did not escape me that the MST-13 fragment shown [at the Lockerbie trial] on the police photograph No PT/35(b) came from the non-operational MST-13 prototype PC-board that I had stolen," Lumpert added.
    "I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that time, for the innocent Libyan Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi sentenced to life imprisonment, and for the country of Libya."
    In just seven paragraphs, the Lumpert affidavit elucidates the longstanding mysteries surrounding the infamous MST-13 timer, which allegedly triggered the bomb that exploded Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie on December 21st 1988.

    3) > It is rather obvious that the fragment of a grey short (PI/995) could not have been dissected before October 10th, 1989. And the key piece of evidence (PT-35)that led the investigation towards Libya could not have surfaced before that date.
    Ref. report 181: EXAMINATION, ref. PP 8982, RARDE page 112 on 10/ 10/ 1989.

    4) > The consequence is inescapable and indisputable. The key piece of “evidence” surfaced between October 10, 1989 and January 10, 1990. For some reason, this finding was antedated to May 12 1989 on untrue EXAMINATION page nr. 51 and also antedated, expert Allen Feraday's MEMORANDUM to 15/ 9/ 1989 - and also antedated the Police Label nr. DP'137 on 15/ 9/ 1989 (befor 10th Sept. 1990).
    The Police Label nr. PI-995 was before (PI-95) and the original inscription on the label was "Cloth (charred). The word "cloth" has been overwritten by the word "debris" !
    Why would anyone antedate such genuine pieces of evidences ?

    The new 'Lockerbie Investigation Operational Team', led by Detective Superintendent Michael Dalgleish, must start immediately a new forensically examine of the crucial piece of evidence against Libya, the MST 13 timer fragment (PT-35) .

    9 layers of fiberglass indicate it was from a MST-13 timer, wo was supplied to Libya, from MEBO Ltd.

    8 layers of fiberglass shows it was from a "prototype circuit board", which had to do nothing with Libya !

    It is high time that before 25 Anniversary of the "Lockerbie Tragedy", an important part of the truth comes to light...
    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication, Switzerland. Webpage: