Sunday, 8 September 2013

An unrealised ambition and a continuing struggle

Since figures began being kept in October 2007, some three months after The Lockerbie Case was launched, the blog has received half a million visits.  On the occasion of the 250,000th visit on 31 May 2011, I wrote this: “It is my ambition that an independent inquiry into the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi will be launched before we reach the half million mark.”  

That ambition has not been realised. But progress has been made.  There are now very few amongst those who have taken the trouble to study the case who regard the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi as anything other than a scandalous travesty of justice.  Official resistance to righting this wrong increasingly is seen to cast a blight over the Scottish criminal justice system -- indeed over Scottish government and administration as a whole. 

We are now approaching the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster on 21 December 2013. Important developments will take place between now and that date.  If the Crown Office and the Scottish Government believe that the Megrahi case will be allowed to be just quietly forgotten, they are going to be rudely disabused of that notion.



    A Luta Continua (The Struggle Continue) - against the Miscarriage of Scottish Justice in the Lockerbie case.
    The Scottish Justice knows only the 'LAW OF THE STRONGEST' --- must put an End to these Machinations !
    Thanks to Professor Robert Black for his mission on this BLOC.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. URL:

  2. "...progress has been made. There are now very few amongst those who have taken the trouble to study the case who regard the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi as anything other than a scandalous travesty of justice."

    Actually so few, that finding somebody who are willing to discuss the evidence and at the same time believes in Megrahi's guilt seems impossible.

    This is remarkable and unique.
    If you want to claim that HIV does not cause AIDS at all you can point to hundreds of documents written by people with insight, that takes that point of view. Likewise for the idea, that scores of people should have been working inside to make Twin Towers fall.

    But where is the support _for_ the Lockerbie verdict?
    Short of "THE CONVICTION WAS SAFE!", which is not a very exiting argumentation, and it does not show that the "debater" has read anything at all?

    The best, no the only, thing I have seen is the second trial - the "We have not had to consider..."-one. Damn!

    - - -

    There _must_ be somebody being tired of JfM opinions?

    RB is quoted for saying "Every lawyer I have shown the verdict to says it is nonsense..."

    Where is the one lawyer spending some hours of this weekend, defending the system he works for, which is being accused of being rotten to the core?

    If it was me I'd be pissed! Lawyers are already at times a bit at odds with people [who don't know 10 lawyer jokes?] - and now these JfM guys make it worse? Who works in a rotten system? Rotten people, right?

    "Mr. Black certainly didn't ask me, and this is what I would have told him...."

    Other professionals do things like this, all the time.

    Or how about just one Syracuse law student?


    - - -

    Somebody wake up! Take a look at Google for
    lockerbie timer fragment tin only

    It is nothing short of embarrassing. Everybody and his uncle shouting foul play, and not one single Dr. System bothers to explain them why they are wrong.

    - - -

    Years ago there was still some resistance. Here is a fine example:

    How great it would be to hear Marquises opinion about the Sn-only fragment.

    How come that a man who has his background and is interested enough in the case to participate in Syracuse's Lockerbie events, can stay away?

    Dear Mr. Marquise, please come back to us on this matter. I'd strongly prefer JfM to be wrong, and regain my faith in a system I have trusted for most of my life.

    But you must be able to see how much an uphill battle it is.

    Please help!

    - - -

    Dear Robert,

    you, & JfM, has simply won the debate to a degree unique on the Internet, (until decisive new evidence or argumentation shows up.

    The harder part, as we all know is winning the non-debate.

  3. SM, I have debated this case on the JREF forum until nobody would come and take me on. (Bunntamas got herself banned, but even before that all she could do was throw insults around and scream that the judges found Megrahi GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!)

    Several times people came to argue and got their backsides handed to them. Those who said anything at all when they walked away indicated that although they had lost the argument, they wouldn't be changing their opinion. One actually said, "so what, you won an internet slap-fest, it doesn't change anything in the real world."

    People there know now that they can't win the argument, so they refuse to engage. They won't change their opinion though. They "know" the judges must be right anyway. Some sceptics.

    Moving away from the timer fragment, I can show conclusively that the blue Tourister suitcase was on top of the bomb suitcase. The judges based their opinion on the assumption that it was under the bomb, but it definitely, demonstrably wasn't. Is anyone interested? Not on a bet. Is anyone even prepared to look at the evidence when it's spoon-fed to them? Actually no.

    Nobody requires that police or investigators never make mistakes. It's an impossibly high standard. And every large organisation contains people who are dishonest and malicious. The complaint isn't that these things happened. It's that the Crown Office will do anything to cover up for these mistakes and worse. How can any citizen of Scotland have confidence in their criminal justice system when its leaders will condone any injustice rather than lose face?