Monday, 15 July 2013

Jim Swire and James Robertson at Skye Book Festival

[The following is from Dr Jim Swire:]

On Friday 26 July I shall be at the Aros Centre in Portree at 7pm with author James Robertson [as part of the Skye Book Festival] discussing his latest book The Professor of Truth, an allegory based on the Lockerbie disaster. Robertson did not collude with real life Lockerbie relatives like myself during the writing of this book, but he intuitively writes with understanding of the emotional turmoil the disaster and the denial of truth still causes for those affected.

The disaster was so long ago and the stories surrounding it so complex that I thought you might like to allow your readers to see how the pursuit of the truth for 25 years now looks to me, the father of Flora Swire (a descendent of the Flora MacDonald of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s day) who spent his boyhood on Skye.

Two stories of who had caused it unfolded in court in Holland. I listened to both throughout the trial and came to judge one to be true and one false. Subsequent events have confirmed one of these stories and rendered the other unbelievable. So clear is the distinction between them now that there is little doubt in many people’s minds as to where the truth lies.

I hope that this piece will influence your readers for I have always wanted people to search for the truth and believe that my comments are as accurate as is possible in the face of ongoing concerted attempts to conceal aspects of that truth.

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