Saturday, 13 July 2013

"Important and permanent" contribution to Lockerbie affair

[A report on the memorial service for Lord Fraser of Carmyllie was published yesterday on the STV News website.  It reads in part:]

Friends, family and former colleagues have paid their last respects at a thanksgiving service to Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, the former Conservative MP and Lord Advocate who died suddenly last month.
The peer served in Margaret Thatcher and John Major's governments and drew up the indictments against the two Libyan men accused of orchestrating the Lockerbie bombing. (...)
A string of Tory grandees filed in to Dundee Parish Church St Mary's for what was described as a moving and humorous tribute to one of the party's elder statesmen.
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: "It is a sad day. Peter was a huge personality and he served both in Parliament and in Government with great intelligence but also a great deal of wit and humour and that's what we remember today." (...)
Former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind said: "Peter had a lot of specialist knowledge to provide on legal issues.
"Obviously he was associated with the Lockerbie affair and put a huge amount of effort into that and made a fantastic and important and permanent contribution to that work, but more broadly he had a range of interests and, of course, in the later years in the House of Lords he was amongst other experts and I know they respected him greatly as well."
[A rather more balanced assessment of Peter Fraser’s career can be found here and here.]



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  2. "made a fantastic and important and permanent contribution. Fantastic - certainly, the crown version is utter fantasy. Important - sadly, true. An innocent man and a whole nation were wrongly criminalised. Permanent - let's hope not.

  3. My main impression of the man when I watched his performance on that Gideon Levy film was that he was, if not drunk, then "he had drink taken". This may not in fact be the case, but his entire demeanour was so unguarded and indeed unconsidered that you couldn't help but wonder.

    How do people of such low intellectual capacity get into positions like that? I mean, it's not just him, is it?

  4. I would suggest that unguarded moments (telling the truth), particularly after a drink has loosened the tongue is our normal condition and it requires a dark soul to knowingly and repeatedly lie.

    In other words there are no secrets that can remain secret for long.

    This is why pertinent questions in official situations are avoided and if answered, you don’t get an answer to the question asked.

    And this is why the absence of confessions and testimony (after a drink or payment) from those responsible for the ‘bomb’ or witnesses would indicate that even if there was blast damage there was no ‘bomb’.

  5. Oh for goodness sake, give it up. There was about a pound weight of Semtex inside a brown Samsonite hardshell suitcase in the bottom front left-hand corner of baggage container AVE4041. That exploded, holed the hull, and brought the plane down.

    The physical evidence for this is absolutely overwhelming. There really is no question about it at all. What's the matter with you? Is the actual foul-up and miscarriage of justice that really happened not exciting enough for you? I simply can't understand this blind insistence on clinging to an utterly delusional theory being half-heartedly promoted by a single guy.

  6. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

  7. Ha ha. I'm not the one peddling ridiculous notions without providing any evidence.