Thursday, 4 July 2013

Forthcoming US Lockerbie-related film

[I am grateful to Dr Jim Swire for drawing my attention to the following item on the Deadline Hollywood website:]

John Brancato and Michael Ferris, who’ve scripted The Game andTerminator 3, have been set to write Influence, a thriller that incorporates a true story and terrorism and the dynamics of geopolitical power. Based on Dr William Chasey’s book, Truth Never Dies, the story details how Chasey, a high-powered Washington lobbyist, took a job representing Muammar al-Gaddafi’s Libya in the wake of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103, only to see his life systematically dismantled by the US government.

In his quest to understand why, Chasey discovered a CIA-led conspiracy to conceal the truth behind one of the worst terrorist acts in history. Mad Chance’s Andrew Lazar and Richard Middleton (The Artist) will produce along with the author, Renée George will be exec producer.

[From the Wikipedia entry on Dr Chasey:]

Chasey’s first two successful non-fiction books, Foreign Agent 4221, and Pan Am 103: The Lockerbie Cover-up, drawn from personal experience, tell the story of Chasey’s attempt to normalize relations between the US and Libya over the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. He concludes that the Pan Am bombing was wrongfully attributed to the Qadhafi regime and was, in fact, the work of Syria and Iran in response to the USS Vincennes incident.

Truth Never Dies: The Bill Chasey Story, Chasey’s third book, was a 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Literature entrant, and is also drawn from personal experience. It tells of his efforts to help normalize relations between the US and the Government of Libya. 

[From the Truth Never Dies website:]

[The book] focuses on abuses of state power in which the CIA, FBI, IRS and the Federal Judiciary conspired to prevent him from opening a dialogue between Libya and the US Congress, and then tried to blackmail him into using his unique access to the Libyan leadership to initiate a CIA sponsored assassination of the two Libyan Intelligence Officers who were indicted for blowing up Pan Am 103.



    The insightful, crucial film: 'Lockerbie - The Conspiracy Files' - (BBC Two) was after the broadcast on September 14th 2009, after about two years, allegedly due to copyright, reasons on 'YouTube' and on the MEBO webpage, suddenly locked ... suspect ?
    The original film on (DVD-R) is in possession by MEBO Ltd. since 31/08/08, received from (BBC Current Affairs).
    On request of MEBO at CBC Newsworld about the conditions for release this film on our website: > < , MEBO Ltd. got the conditions: For 1 year's use - £ 3000.--
    Der aufschlussreiche, entscheidende Film: 'Lockerbie - The Conspiracy Files' - von (BBC Two)wurde nach Ausstrahlung am 14. September 2009, nach über zwei Jahren, angeblich aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen, auf 'YouTube' und auf der MEBO-Webpage, plötzlich gesperrt... suspect ?
    MEBO Ltd. besitzt die original Filmkopie auf (DVD-R) seit 31.08.08, erhalten von (BBC Current Affairs).
    Nach Anfrage von MEBO bei CBC Newsworld über die Bedingungen, diesen Film auf unserer Webpage:
    > < wieder freizugeben, bekam MEBO Ltd., die Bedingungen: Für 1 Jahr Nutzung - £ 3000.--

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication, Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. Lobbyist William Chasey tried to become Libya’s advocate in Washington, but became a victim himself because of a ‘CIA conspiracy to hide the truth about Lockerbie’!

    But why hide the truth about Lockerbie?

    One explanation is that Libya was blamed to avoid blaming a ‘Syrian backed Palestinian group funded by Iran’!

    This explanation gets good coverage because it sits within the neo-con narrative of ‘America against the Muslims’.

    But for that very reason it becomes far-fetched because why would America not blame them when they’re in an on-going state of war with all three?

    And if they were to blame are we to assume that no one except Tony Gauci could be paid to talk?

    Also there have been no casual accusations against anyone else, because to do so would incite demands for evidence!

    This leaves us with false flag or accident!

    But a false flag makes little sense because a false flag blaming a country is normally used to trigger a war, but there was no invasion of Libya.

    Therefore this leaves an accident as the last remaining explanation?

  3. Oh don't be ridiculous. What sort of accident caused the blast damage to the suitcases in AVE4041, the container itself, and the airframe under the container? You only have to look at the photographs of these items to see where the IED blew the hole in the plane.

  4. The sort of accident that USA/Boeing would want covered-up for status & commercial reasons?

  5. An explosive device went off inside a suitcase inside baggage container AVE4041. That's what brought down the plane.

    I'd be interested to know how that might have been an "accident".