Monday, 13 May 2013

Time well spent, says FBI Director of Lockerbie investigation

What follows is taken from the account of Robert Mueller’s address at the 2013 graduation ceremony at Virginia’s William & Mary College.

“FBI Director Robert Mueller told W&M graduates Sunday that three qualities are essential for success in life: integrity, service and patience”.

Under his service rubric, Mr Mueller said:

“Turning to the importance of public service, or service over self. I can say that I did not really choose public service. Rather, I more or less fell into it early on, perhaps not fully appreciating the challenges of such service. (...)

“The lessons I learned as a Marine have stayed with me for more than 40 years. The value of teamwork, sacrifice, and discipline – life lessons I could not have learned in quite the same way elsewhere.
“And when I look back on my career, I think of having the opportunity to participate in major investigations, such as the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland … and working shoulder-to-shoulder with homicide detectives in Washington, DC. And I think of my experience over the past 11 years, working with one of the finest institutions in the world – the FBI. These were opportunities that would have been difficult to replicate in the private sector, and that, for me, has been time well spent.”
Further contributions to the Lockerbie saga from Robert Mueller can be read here.

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  1. FBI Director Robert Mueller’s public comments criticising the release of Megrahi were so totally inappropriate that it is safe to say they were authorised by the USA Government.

    Because unless authorised he would have been instantly dismissed!

    Although I would have thought Lockerbie was a CIA rather than FBI investigation!

    And the reason he was ordered to make the comments was because they added to the false impression that the USA government was very hostile to Megrahi’s release.

    Except if they were really opposed then he wouldn’t have been released.

    But he was released to avoid his appeal being heard and the extraordinary miscarriage of justice being publicly exposed.