Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spurious Lockerbie bombing allegations

[What follows is a brief excerpt from an interview with Professor Francis A Boyle published yesterday on the CASMII website:]

q: Do you have any experience of helping other UN member states take legal action against the economic sanctions imposed upon them by the United States and other countries?

a: Well, I advised Colonel Gaddafi to sue the United States and Britain over the spurious Lockerbie bombing allegations at the world court and eventually Colonel Gaddafi was able to work his way out of those sanctions, yes. And at least at the time I was advising him, there was no military attack until 2011 that the United States and NATO decided to stab Colonel Gaddafi in the back. But I’ve done this work with Libya, and also with Bosnia.
[Futher items on this blog about the views on Lockerbie of Professor Boyle can be accessed here.]

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