Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Police in Scotland launch probe into conduct of Lockerbie case

[This is the headline over a report on the website of news agency Exaro (registration required for access to full text).  A summary provided by Exaro reads as follows:]

Scottish authorities ‘attempted to pervert course of justice’ following terrorist bombing
Scottish police have launched an investigation into the conduct of the original case over the bombing of a Pan Am jumbo jet over Lockerbie. Exaro can reveal the development amid allegations that Scotland’s police and prosecuting authorities attempted to pervert the course of justice in the case. It remains Britain’s biggest-ever terrorist attack, but controversy has dogged the investigation into who was responsible.

[Within the report, I am quoted as follows:]

Robert Black, professor emeritus of Scots law at the University of Edinburgh and a member of the [Justice for Megrahi] campaign’s committee, said: “We have what I hope is a genuine police investigation into what precisely went wrong in the original investigation, prosecution and trial. Not just mistakes that were made – actual criminal conduct.
“If that is investigated seriously, then it really does open up a whole new perspective on Lockerbie.”


  1. They'll just get round having to face facts by delaying the investigation. It'll be ongoing for years and by that time everybody will be more or less dead.

  2. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2013 - Excellent news:

    I am convinced that the new 'LOCKERBIE AIR DISASTER INVESTIGATION' are well aware of the importance of the MST-13 fragment (PT/35).
    MEBO Ltd. as the supplier and manufacturer of this type of timer, we thought that we knew all about it.
    New forensic techniques applied on the original timer materials by the forensic institute of the Swiss Canton Police Zurich showed us aspects that we were never aware of before.

    Over the past 20 years or so I tried to convince the Scottish authorities responsible that they should have a closer look at the MST-13 fragment and the forensic management and treatment of it. Unfortunately without any positive results.

    Therefore and for other specific reasons - I demanded for a new personal interrogation as witness in a meeting with officials by Police Headquarters, Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary in Scotland. The Statement of Witness must be held in a police protocol.

    The MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) has nothing to do with the PanAm 103 bombing !

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. URL: