Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lockerbie’s Memory Miracles

[Oh No! Not Another Lockerbie Blog has today published under this heading the second in its “Credible Witnesses” series.  It reads as follows:]

One of the key people for the prosecution of Megrahi was a former Libyan ESO agent by the name of Majid Giaka. Perhaps the term “Agent” should be used loosely as it turned out that he infact only worked in the ESO’s garage. Giaka did however work for Libyan Arab Airlines at Malta Luqa.

Giaka was recruited by the CIA 5 months before Lockerbie after he approached them stating he wanted “relocate” on return for sensitive information about Libya. He stated he worked at Luqa airport as a cover for his ESO/JSO activities.

Following the bombing of Pan Am 103 Giaka told the CIA that he did not believe an unaccompanied case with explosives would be able to pass through Luqa airport and with his “extensive” contacts such a plot would not have escaped him.

The CIA persuaded Giaka to come to the US in 1991 and he stated he would fully co-operate with the CIA in return for money. Giaka then emerged at the trial Megrahi and described to the court how he seen the two accused with a brown samsonite suitcase at Luqa airport on the day of the bombing. This is another example of Benjamin Franklin's memory reviving skills as two years previously, CIA cables stated that Giaka could remember nothing from that time.

Giaka was described in court as a “real life Walter Mitty” with the four judges dismissing most of his evidence as “at best grossly over exaggerated at worst simply untrue.” They concluded he was mainly motivated by “financial considerations”. Sound familiar?

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