Monday, 25 March 2013

More on the dodgy timer fragment

A further item has been posted on Oh No! Not another Lockerbie Blog…  It is headed A tale of contradiction Part 2 and deals with some of the problems surrounding trial production PT/35(b), the circuit board fragment allegedly from a MST13 timer manufactured by MEBO.  The article does not deal with the recently uncovered evidence that the metallurgical composition of the tracks on PT/35(b) was entirely different from the metallurgical composition of the tracks on the circuit boards of the MEBO timers supplied to Libya; and that this was known to the Crown before the Lockerbie trial but was concealed from the defence team and the court.

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  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2013: (google translation, german/english):

    Why the MST-13 timer fragment (PT/35) is made so dodgy ?

    > Because this fragment (fingernail big) was manipulated/fabricated from a non-operational MST-13 timer prototype-platine (evidence fraud)

    > Because of the alleged discovery 'PT/35' fragment in Lockerbie, Libya had to pay US$, 2.7 billion - for the families of victims of Pan Am 103 !
    (the sum was paid by Saif el Islam's foundation (GIFCA) in Geneva);

    > Because the Libyan people had received via this "fraud-PT-35 fragment", suffering damage of around 50 billion USD by the UN embargo;

    > For this Miscarriage of Justice, the Scottish Court is responsible for re-payment... as next...

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. URL: