Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Libyan Prime Minister on status of Lockerbie case

[I am most grateful to Mohamed Eljarh who has supplied this account of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s remarks about the Lockerbie case at a press conference on 17 March:]

The Prime Minister made only very brief remarks when he was asked about the re-opening of the Lockerbie case and the fact that Scottish police and Scotland Yard are set to continue investigations in Libya.  The Prime Minister said the following:

- Libya is very committed and interested in knowing exactly what happened. We'll collaborate fully with any investigation that would help determine the truth of what happened and who was really behind the Lockerbie bombing.

- Libya made it clear that the country would never pay any more compensations or damages to victims or countries with regard to the Lockerbie case.

The Prime Minister was asked if the investigations proved Libya to not be responsible, especially after new evidence that has emerged, would Libya ask for compensation for suffering at the hands of the international community and especially the UK and the US?  He was very diplomatic in giving his answer and said: If the investigations conclude that Libya wasn't responsible and we were wrongfully convicted, we will deal with that situation there and then.

[An Aljazeera English Inside Story programme on Lockerbie in which Mohamed Eljarh took part can be viewed here.]


  1. Hmmm. Maybe it's Mr. al Zeidan we should be sending certain documentation to....

  2. Now that is a VERY interesting suggestion, Rolfe.

  3. I wondered how you'd react to that suggestion....

    I don't mean right now this minute of course, but I just printed something off that would have Mr. al Zeidan pretty much catatonic if he could read it.

  4. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2013 (google translation, german/english):

    The 8-year-lasting UN sanctions arose a damage - approximately of US$ 50 billion for the Libyan People - with great probability, by a deliberately "fabricated" false judgment of the Scottish Justiciary.
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  5. Bugger off Edwin. You've caused nothing but trouble for the past 24 years, 2 months and counting.


  6. "Also Edwin Bollier and MEBO Ltd. have a reputational damage of at least $ 53 million US$."

    Imagine a gun dealer who sells guns to anyone who can pay enough.

    Then a man is convicted for murdering somebody using one of those guns.

    The gun dealer is called to the trial and testifies. In return, a deal is made that he will not be tried for his acts.
    His name hits the press, as does the details about his business.

    Later the convicted is exhonerated.

    Can the gun dealer now sue the legal system for "reputational damage"?

    Sounds like a more than ordinary mad idea to me.

    Personally I'd feel that the gun dealer would already have a reputation that was beyond much further damage.

    Answer to Rolfe and SM:

    With their deliberately false and mendacious comment of both "Alias People" show you their true face and on which side you stand.

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  8. I don't see anywhere I accused you of selling weapons or explosives.

    Try again.

  9. 1. I am not anonymous.
    I have posted my name here several times. Soren 'Frank' Munch, Bangkok. Google for the rest.

    As also said earlier, anonymity is needed in some contexts to allow freedom of speech. Anonymous voting is a cornerstone of democracy.

    2. Selling timers to a foreign military in times of conflict, and even participating in the tests including bombs, is to sell weapon parts.

    That your timers have been used to cause death and destruction is more likely than not. That one of them ended up in an airplane bomb, made by one of your clients, was indeed a very plausible scenario.

    Any damage you have suffered is a simple result of your actions becoming known.