Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Megrahi's death "closes dark chapter in Libya’s history"?

An article entitled Libya in 2012: Achievements and Challenges by Karen Dubrowska, formerly London correspondent of the Libyan government news agency Jana and now a freelance journalist, appears today on the website of The Tripoli Post.  One paragraph reads as follows:

“The death of the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, seems to have closed a dark chapter in Libya’s history. Libya has agreed to release the Lockerbie files.”

It is disappointing that such a bland statement should be made; but it is perhaps understandable until such time as the present Libyan Government finally makes up its mind whether it is to its political advantage to admit or to deny Libyan responsibility for Lockerbie and hence to cast Megrahi as a tool of Gaddafi in his devilish schemes or as an innocent scapegoat in a Western stitch-up.


  1. We need to focus on the evidence we have HERE which, so far, the authorities refuse to address, including the grounds that were to be raised in the second appeal and additional evidence that came into the public domain at a later date. Nothing Libya can release now will change the evidence we already have. We need to hammer that message home.

  2. Dear Jo,

    Couldn't agree more. The Libyan Government statement comes over as nothing less than the usual choreographed delaying-of-the- inevitable routine in partnership with Western authorities. We've heard it all before, from Abdul-Jalil's April Fools' Day joke onwards. Unless there truly does exist some absolutely damning evidence in their possession that for some utterly unfathomable and bizarre reason the Crown Office and others have omitted to utilise to their advantage up until now, all the evidence required to shred this conviction is well within Scottish jurisdiction and has been sitting there, glaringly on show, for all to see for years now.

    Robert (JFM)

  3. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2013 - (google translation, german/english):

    In the Name of ALLAH - the most Compassionate - the most Merciful

    Sim- sala- bim... which is the next "Delay Deal" between Scotland and 'New-Libya' - to hold the truth under the cover - about the miscarriage of the Scottish Justiciary - against the unfortunately deceased Mr. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi ?
    Scottish Justiciary please open your "Andora Box" and give back the honor for the deceased Mr. Al- Megrahi.
    Sim- sala- bim... welches ist der nächste "verzögerungs Deal" zwischen Scotland und 'New-Libyen' - um die Wahrheit über das Fehlurteil der 'Scottish Justiciary' gegen den, leider verstorbenen - Mr. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi - unter dem Deckel zuhalten ?
    Scottish Justiciary bitte öffnen Sie endlich Ihre "Andora Box" und geben Sie dem verstorbenen Mr Al-Megrahi - die Ehre zurück.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL: