Thursday, 13 December 2012

Trial of Obeidi and Zwai adjourned again

[What follows is taken from a report published earlier this week in the Libya Herald:]

Also in court today in a separate case were former foreign minister Abdel-Ati al-Obeidi and former Secretary General of the General People’s Congress Mohammed Zwai. They are accused in connection with the $2.7 billion in compensation payments for families of those killed in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, charges they both deny.

The case, already adjourned, was also again adjouned, until 7 January.

[Background material can be found in this blog post.]



    WANTED for Mr. Mohammed Hassan BADRI formerly ABH company in Zurich Switzerland - please contact us. Subject: your crucial travel Zurich - Malta - Zurich between 6th - 9th December 1988.

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  2. "Lockerbie Affair"- we must have a PanAm 103 inquiry, no matter the cost !

    The instruction for use to understand the "Lockerbie Affair" - (not the PanAm 103 bombing):
    The „Lockerbie Affair“ is the work of wilful misinformation and reverse enginee-ring that went wrong.

    As the case is still open in USA, United Kingdom and Switzerland, the authorities will sooner or later accept the fact that the "Evidence Fraud" around the MEBO MST-13Timer, the "Toshiba" Radiorecorder type RT-8016 SF und shopkeeper Tony Gauci's untrue sale of clothes to Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi - is real and not fiction or just another weird conspiracy theory.

    For a follow-up investigation, demanded by USA, Great Britain and Switzerland, in the "Bombing of PanAm 103" over Lockerbie, crucial exoneration witnesses have to be called by Libya's 'National Transitional Council' (NTC).

    Among other persons, names of witness on the new question list:

    Hassan Mohammed Badri, formerly owner of ex company. "ABH" formals in Zurich and Libya -- ex friend of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi;

    Andrew Seychell, commissioner of the Maltese police, responsibility for the
    security at immigration.

    Andre Klaus, Officer of the Swiss Foreign Service, VISA-Section.

    Monique Saudan, ex Federal Judge of Switzerland;

    alias Peter Humert, ex "BUPO", Commissiner Federal Police of Switzerland;

    alias Hans Cretton, ex "BUPO", Commissioner Federal Police at Switzerland;

    Richard Marquise, ex FBI Spezial Agent, led U.S. Task Force which included the CIA;

    Stuart Henderson, U.K. ex Senior Investigation Officer (SIO);

    Tomas Thurman, ex FBI, forensic expert in Washington;

    William Williamson, Scottish Police Officer (investigation);

    Det. James Gilchrist, U.K. Det. Superintendent James Gilchrist, Scottish Police;

    Tony Gauci, shopkeeper, Mary House at Malta;

    Eng. Ulrich Lumpert, ex eng. by MEBO Ltd. Switzerland;

    Edwin Bollier, owner of MEBO Ltd. Switzerland;

    Dr. Tomas Hayes RARDE, forensic expert;

    UK Allen Feraday,"RARDE" forensic expert UK;

    Giaka Abd al Majid, Libya agent for CIA, worked by Fhima (in LAA office)
    at Malta; and other persons...

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