Wednesday, 24 October 2012

We need march no more, Mr MacAskill

[This is the headline over a letter from Jock Thomson QC published today on the Scottish Legal website.  It reads as follows:]   

"I have marched for CND and marched against the Iraq War. I am tired of marching." The Justice Secretary and I have that much in common. I share his abhorrence of nuclear weapons. I too have marched for CND, against the Iraq War and Walked for the World. I too am tired, but I have one march (at least) left in me. 

To Strasbourg and back if needs be. For what? For an independent inquiry into the Lockerbie disaster which arguably brought about the greatest miscarriage of justice in our history – ever.

But I'm older and sadder and (if not wiser) certainly more tired than Mr MacAskill. Please spare me the effort. Order an Independent Public Inquiry into the shame that brought about Megrahi's conviction. Stifle your 'we've-heard-it-all-before' yawns: when, until now, has Crown Office been described as being "institutionally corrupt"? (Scottish Law Reporter 17 Oct).

If your hands are clean;
If the hands of your Law Officers and those in Crown Office are clean;
If what happened at Camp Zeist can be said to be clean;
What sir, have you to fear?

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  1. Once upon a time the SNP opposed nuclear bombs and the Iraq war - and supported Independence!

    Now in Government they support joining US-NATO, the destruction of Libya and devolution in the UK-EU!

    Does Jock Thomson QC agree with these changes?

    If not, then an appeal to Kenny MacAskill ‘as a kindred spirit’ to hold a Lockerbie enquiry is misconceived.

    Perhaps denouncement as a renegade would be more effective?