Monday, 10 September 2012

Where's Moussa?

[This is the heading on an item posted on Saturday on bensix’s Back Towards the Locus blog. It reads as follows:]

Abdullah al-Senussi, head of intelligence for Gaddafi at the time of the Lockerbie bombing, has been extradited back to Libya from Mauritania. The papers are damned excited by the prospect of his being interviewed in connection with the atrocity. I am, of course, convinced that we’ve seen no good evidence that Al Megrahi or his countrymen were involved but that doesn’t mean that none exists so I hope he’s spoken to. I’ve got to ask, though: where’s Moussa Koussa? You know. Gaddafi’s former intelligence chief. The man that we were told knew the truth of Lockerbie. The man we had within our shores but who then pissed off to Qatar without a charge being filed. It seems probable that some kind of deal was struck – perhaps because of his previous work with intelligence services in capturing and allegedly abusing terror suspects – but why are none of the journalists who claimed he was a latter-day Hess at all intrigued?

[The saga of Moussa Koussa can be followed on this blog here.]

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