Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lockerbie: Case Closed – Injustice Served

This is the headline over a review of the Aljazeera documentary Lockerbie: Case Closed on the Top Documentary Stream website. The documentary can be viewed online on the same web page.  Here are a few sentences from the review:

“The documentary is focused around a report issued by the SCCRC relating to the inquiry of the Lockerbie bombing. As the documentary proves from both eye witness accounts, from officially written police statements and from scientific evidence, it becomes quite evident that Al-Megrahi was not the perpetrator in the Lockerbie case. The documentary explains how Tony Gauci changed his statements almost 3 times over the course of the investigation, it also shows how the initial artistic impression of the perpetrator of the Lockerbie disaster bore absolutely no resemblance to Al-Megrahi and the documentary also shows how scientifically it is proven that the alloy used to create the circuitry of the timer used in the terrorist attack was different from the one’s supplied to Libyan Intelligence and the one thought to have been used by Al-Megrahi in the attack.

“The documentary almost completely seals the case and proves that Al-Megrahi was innocent; it also however brings to light that injustice was indeed carried out but the most devastating part is that even when it was discovered it was kept hidden from the general public.”


    The Lockerbie Case - a Swamp full of lies !

    In preparation is a short film patchwork document with interviews snippety of fatal "reciprocal" testmonies (obvious lies) from ex FBI expert Thomas Thurman - ex chief FBI Special Agent, Richard A. Marquise, leader of the US Task Force wich included the FBI, Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence 'CIA'.
    Additionally it will include a testimony of their counterpart in Scotland, ex senior investigation officer (SIO) Stuart Henderson.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL:

  2. "Case Closed"? What a singularly inappropriate title.

    "Case closed" generally signifies that a crime has been solved and the true perpetrators apprehended. "Case wide open" would be nearer the mark.

  3. Sadly from Rolfe the cry, ‘Case Wide Open’ becomes ‘Case Closed’, because he claims a closed mind on the actual cause of the crash.

    This is odd, because why be adamant that a ‘400g semtex IED’ destroyed the plane in 3 seconds, before a public enquiry is held?

    Surely after all these years of war, extortion and lies, there is some room for doubt?

    Perhaps when the focus was on the miscarriage of justice this made sense, but following the death of Megrahi, the focus should return to the original demand for a public enquiry into Lockerbie.

    But saying it was definitely an IED obstructs this move because it colludes with the phoney ‘on-going criminal investigation’ which is used as an excuse not to hold an enquiry.

    Also the SNP protest that an enquiry into Megrahi’s criminal conviction cannot be held without Westminster and Washington’s support.

    In other words they can say we’d love to, but our hands are tied!

    However if the gate is opened and the question becomes what caused the crash, then the Scottish government could hold the long delayed public enquiry into Lockerbie, without the need for International agreement.

    Except they would then have to disappoint their supporters who expected more on Lockerbie by saying, ‘we can, but we’d rather not’ and maybe explain why?

  4. Perhaps some day you might familiarise yourself with the actual evidence, rather than regurgitating rubbish posted on conspiracy theory blogs.

    On the other hand, maybe that's too much to hope for.