Thursday, 20 September 2012

Independent inquiry versus SCCRC application and appeal

A contributor to the Friends of Justice for Megrahi page on Facebook commented earlier today:  If Megrahi's family aren't interested in pursuing an appeal then that's an end to it. Question is... why not?”

I replied: “If the family isn't interested in pursuing an appeal (and I do not believe this to be the case) the reason might well be lack of support (indeed hostility) on the part of the current regime in the country in which they have to make their lives. Anyway, exposing and fixing what this case demonstrates has gone dreadfully wrong in the criminal justice system in Scotland is not something that should rest on the shoulders of a Libyan family. It is a matter for Scots. That is why the pressure on our politicians to establish an independent inquiry must be maintained. Those politicians want to place the whole onus on the Megrahi family, well knowing the problems that they would encounter (some of them created by legislation enacted by those very same politicians). We, the people of Scotland, must not allow them to get away with it.”

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