Thursday, 13 September 2012

Are Lockerbie relatives less deserving than Hillsborough's?

The following was posted yesterday on Facebook by journalist Marcello Mega: “Credit where it's due. For whatever reason, the Government has allowed the exposure of the failures, cowardice, lies and cover-ups around the Hillsborough tragedy. Delighted for the loved ones of the 96 who have campaigned tirelessly for truth and justice. But I know another group of relatives who have campaigned just as hard, and for a few months longer, for the same things. Are the Lockerbie relatives somehow less deserving?”

A comment today on the Facebook page Friends of Justice for Megrahi reads: “Hillsborough: full-scale establishment cover-up in the late 1980s... Hmm.”

On Twitter the Aurora News Agency (@auroranewsfeed) posted: “#Hillsborough, #BloodySunday, #Lockerbie, #MullofKintyre ... official state cover-ups to protect the elite and top careers, that hide the truth”. 

And here are just a few sentences from today’s editorial in The Guardian: “Brand a view of events a conspiracy, and you lump it in with moon landing denials and wilder accounts of the Roswell UFO incident. But conspiracies can happen in real life too; on Wednesday we learned about one that took place within the South Yorkshire police in 1989. (...) The wider lesson, however, is surely – and once again – that where blocking out daylight is a possibility, there will be dark motives for seeing that it is done.

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