Monday, 23 July 2012

All MPs supplied with copies of "Lockerbie: Fact and Fiction"

Dr Morag Kerr’s overview of the Lockerbie case as contained in the booklet Lockerbie: Fact and Fiction has now been delivered to all 650 members of the House of Commons.  The booklet can be read online here.  A copy has already been delivered to every Member of the Scottish Parliament.


  1. Only 15 MPs opposed the illegal and gratuitous destruction of Libya.

    Therefore few MPs will look again at the facts about Megrahi, because ‘his guilt for Lockerbie’ was used as a fig leaf to excuse their own actions against Libya.

    Indeed hoping those in power will ‘see the light’ is wishful thinking and even more distant following the death of Megrahi.

    Because why have an inquiry about ‘who did it’, when the State’s scapegoats are all ‘Arabs and Muslims, who all look the same' and are being bombed anyway?

    And sadly this is why there will be an audience for the fiction about Heathrow, because this will provide the MPs with another fig leaf to excuse the illegal and gratuitous destruction of other Middle East countries.

    That’s why if the JfM campaign only speculates about ‘who did it’ then they too will be complicit in these attacks and perversely will transform Megrahi’s innocence into a weapon of war.

    If however the JfM campaign also speculates about, the more likely, ‘what caused it’, then the truth about Lockerbie will become a radical political weapon that will help set us free.

  2. I meant to say. That booklet only presents the Heathrow evidence as it was presented at Megrahi's trial, with additional information that has emerged since. It is solid and substantiated evidence casting doubt on the Crown case against Megrahi.

    However, you call it a fantasy. What is fantastical about John Bedford's evidence? Whose was the suitcase he saw when he came back from his break, if it wasn't the bomb? Be sure to illustrate your answer with details of the passengers whose luggage might have been in that container, their arrival times at Heathrow, and descriptions of the suitcases they checked in.

    Talking of fantasy, perhaps you could ask John Barry Smith for some evidence to support his bizarre suggestion.