Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lockerbie: The movie

[This is the headline over a report published today in the Scottish edition of The Sun.  It reads in part:]

A dramatic movie about the Lockerbie disaster is set to be made.

Producers have signed up campaigner Dr Jim Swire, who lost 23-year-old daughter Flora in the terror atrocity.

Lockerbie Productions Inc are also said to have won agreement from Peter Biddulph, who runs the Lockerbie Truth website with Dr Swire, 75.

Last night an insider said: “It’s possible Dr Swire will be portrayed in the film.

“There are plans for a moving scene with him laying flowers at his daughter’s grave.”

Producers are said to have travelled to the Cannes Film Festival to stir interest in the project at the same time as Libyan bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi died from cancer. (…)

New Yorker Peter Lowenstein, 78, who lost son Alexander, said: “People who make films about events like Lockerbie are often wackos but if this is a carefully considered look I think there would be a place for that.”

In 1998 ex-Lockerbie councillor Marjory McQueen slammed the idea but yesterday said: “If someone wants to make a film let them.”


  1. Hmmmm, not sure about this.

  2. "But here is a simple fact; if Megrahi had stayed in Scotland, his death would have been considerably more premature."

    If Megrahi had stayed in Scotland maybe the appeal would have been heard and maybe he'd have gone home acquitted and a free man.

  3. I think this is terrific news. The case against Megrahi has over the years moved from severely sick to stone-dead.

    It remains a matter of getting that information out there.

    Anything helps.

    - - -

    Jo G wrote:
    "If Megrahi had stayed in Scotland maybe the appeal would have been heard and maybe he'd have gone home acquitted and a free man."

    That would have been the greatest outcome, but the Crown & Co would have known to keep dragging their feet, and so the chance that Megrahi would have escaped death in prison is tiny.

    - - -

    Here in Thailand a 60-year old cancer-stricken man was arrested in August 2010.
    The accusation: sending 4 SMS'es to a government official, each of which were deemed insulting to the king.

    For this crime he was sentenced to jail for 20 years [of course you are forgiven if you believe I am wildly distorting the story]. He died in jail 3 weeks ago.

    We should have no illusions.

    'Authorities', the most shameless and merciless force you could ever imagine.