Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trump that!

[What follows is an excerpt from BBC News's live text account of Donald Trump's appearance today before the Scottish Parliament's Energy Committee to oppose the Scottish Government's policy on renewable energy and wind farms:]

1115: Mr MacDonald [SNP MSP Angus MacDonald] says the "over-whelming" vote for the SNP at the last election shows public support for the policy. Mr Trump says people have not been given the facts. He goes off the point and says it is the same type of thinking which led to Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi being returned to Libya because he was about to die. "He has been seen running about the park", Mr Trump claims.

[Scottish lawyers' magazine The Firm has a news item on its website about Trump's remark. It can be read here; and Mr Trump's entire performance can be viewed here.]


  1. Trump is sort of OK. I mean, give me genuine outspoken ***holes anytime.

    1000 times worse are the hypocrites. Those misusing a position of trust. Those clinging to their earlier statements and conclusions, when current evidence makes them unsustainable. Those claiming to seek the truth, but hide the findings that speak against what they really need to prove.

    The Lockerbie case is revealing a painful amount of such people.

    - - -

    Back in 1977, a Danish politician sought cooperation between his party and and another one, even though he before the election clearly had stated, that such a cooperation would be unthinkable.

    When a journalist confronted him with his earlier statements, he answered with the simple words:

    You have a point of view until you take another one.

    It's that simple. While many people in the Lockerbie case would call eternal shame onto their name by admitting anything, the trial judges would not.

    If only one of the trial judges would one day say "Looking back on it all, and with the evidence we have now, it is clear that the conviction does not stand."

    But see if they can do that, these small people.

    Also in Denmark, we are bottled up with this verse by a Danish poet:

    The noble art of losing face
    may one day save the human race
    And turn into eternal merit
    what weaker minds would call disgrace.

    Maybe import that one to Scottish schools?