Friday, 20 April 2012

Scottish Parliament debate on SCCRC disclosure Bill

The official report (Hansard) of the Stage 1 debate on the Criminal Cases (Punishment and Review) (Scotland) Bill that took place yesterday in the Scottish Parliament has been published. It can be read here. Part 2 of the Bill relating to disclosure by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission of its Statement of Reasons in cases where the appeal that it allowed has been abandoned has, of course, now been rendered largely pointless by the publication on the website of the Statement of Reasons in the Megrahi case (though not the report's voluminous appendices).

The debate can be viewed here on the BBC Democracy Live website.

1 comment:

  1. Part 2 of the Bill has been rendered largely redundant, but not pointless, by publication of the SCCRC statement of reasons.

    If pointless then it would be logical, if possible, to have simply withdrawn part 2 of the Bill.

    And before events overtook Part 2, I’m sure this is what some MSPs would have liked who did not want to vote for Part 2.

    However the act of voting for something you disapprove of, even if it’s a redundant vote, becomes a political vote in favour?

    The vote in favour draws everyone, even McLethcie into the process of seeking the truth about Lockerbie.