Sunday, 26 February 2012

Megrahi book reveals new Lockerbie evidence

[This is the headline over an article in today's edition of the Sunday Herald.  It reads as follows:]

Exclusive extracts of the authorised biography of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi will be published on from 10am on Monday.

The Herald's chief reporter, Lucy Adams, who has covered the Lockerbie story comprehensively and interviewed Megrahi in his family home after he returned to Tripoli, has seen an advance copy of the book.

She'll be revealing its key contents and analysing their significance for a case which has divided legal and public opinion across Scotland - and indeed the world.

The book, Megrahi: You are my Jury, The Lockerbie Evidence, has been written by John Ashton, a writer, researcher and TV producer who has studied the Lockerbie case for 18 years and was a researcher with Megrahi's legal team from 2006-9.  

Edinburgh-based publisher Birlinn is using this quote from Megrahi to promote the book: "You know me as the Lockerbie bomber. I know that I'm innocent. Here, for the first time, is my true story: how I came to be blamed for Britain's worst mass murder, my nightmare decade in prison and the truth about my controversial release. Please read it and decide for yourself. You are now my jury."

The publisher adds: "This long-awaited book argues that, far from being an unrepentant terrorist, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was the innocent victim of dirty politics, a flawed investigation and judicial folly. It destroys the prosecution case and puts the Scottish criminal justice system in the dock... (and) makes a compelling argument that the murderers of the 270 Lockerbie victims were acting on behalf of an entirely different government, rather than Colonel Gaddafi and Libya."

The contents will be made public at a press conference in Edinburgh on Monday morning, which is also due to be attended by Megrahi campaigners Dr Jim Swire, the Rev John Mosey, and Iain McKie.

But for the first preview and analysis, come to from 10am on Monday.

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