Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lockerbie relatives meet Lord Advocate and police

[The following is an excerpt from a short report in today’s edition of The Herald:]

Scotland’s Lord Advocate met relatives of the UK victims of the Lockerbie bombing as the Crown Office said a request had been sent to the Libyan Government requesting access for police and prosecutors in the case.

Frank Mulholland QC, and the Chief Constable of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, Pat Shearer, met families in London.
The Libyan National Transitional Council agreed to allow Scottish police officers to travel to Libya.
[On the topic of Scottish police travelling to Libya, a longer report appears in the Belfast Telegraph.  It reads in part:]
A formal request has been sent to the Libyan Government requesting access to the country for police and prosecutors involved in the Lockerbie bombing investigation, the Crown Office said.

The investigators hope to examine information and documents relating to lines of inquiry.
The Libyan National Transitional Council has previously confirmed to the UK Government that it will assist the ongoing criminal investigation, and agreed to allow officers from Dumfries and Galloway Police to travel to Libya. (…)
Scotland's top law officer the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, and the Chief Constable of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, Pat Shearer, met UK families of the Lockerbie victims in London to update them on the development.
Scottish prosecutors and Scottish and US law enforcement representatives also attended the meeting.
The Crown Office said that as it remains a joint investigation, both Scottish and US investigators were "heavily involved" in preparing the request.
A further meeting with other UK families is scheduled to take place in the near future in Glasgow. 


  1. It seems to me that the UK/US are quite desperate at the moment to counter Megrahi's book. If Megrahi is to be seen to be innocent then it'll become urgent that evidence must be found to incriminate Gaddafi. I suspect that the British police going to Libya are set up to 'find' the incriminating evidence. If 'evidence' is found against Gaddafi then the UK/US won't be able to be sued for the sanctions they imposed on Libya which caused huge suffering to the population.

  2. The following comment comes from Steven Raeburn of Scottish lawyers' magazine The Firm:

    'The Firm also received the Crown Office press release, which has been churned, amplified and predicatably foghorned by uncritical media across Scotland, on cue and demand, without any journalistic rigour our editorial analysis. The most basic scrutiny of this press release should have been sufficient to alert any editor with brain or balls to consider & question the significance of the timing of this announcement, and whether it represented another hollow PR offensive designed to trip up the uncritical, the slavish, the lazy and the inept, and acted accordingly.
    Journals that ask basic questions before providing a dangerous free PR service to Government find themselves quickly labelled "abusive" by Crown functionaries. Under these circumstances, journalists should seek to wear that badge with pride, rather than degrade their profession by crawling on their belly to become an information conveyer belt for a Crown Office whose conduct is questionable, and whose fidelity to their duty has long since vanished in relation to this case.'