Friday, 17 February 2012

Iran and Lockerbie

[What follows is a paragraph from an article by Con Coughlin in today’s edition of The Telegraph:]

As is their custom, the Iranians have denied any involvement in this week’s spate of attacks, which has seen Israeli diplomats targeted in Georgia, India and, most recently, Thailand. The Iranians are, of course, past masters at covering their tracks. Despite the enormous amount of intelligence-based evidence that pointed to Iran’s complicity for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, there was never sufficient material to build a convincing prosecution case.


  1. What less evidence than could be found for Libya?

  2. The State persists with the Lockerbie cover-up but is preparing the ground for a change of villain.

    Instead of blaming Libya, Iran will re-emerge as a prime suspect in the alleged bombing of Pan Am 103!

    State agents, pretending to be whistle-blowers, will spread more disinformation and client journalists will add it to their war repertoire when discussing the bombing of Iran.

    It is alleged that Iran had a motive because of the shooting down of IR655. Except, if motive was proof then all the victims of American aggression would be guilty.

    However viewed in context, for Iran the destruction of IR655 was just one incident in a 10 year war with Iraq, (Iraq supported by everyone) that had consumed a million lives.

    If Iran wanted revenge they would do so in any way they could and not anonymously. Indeed it is hardly an act of revenge, unless the world knows you did it?

    Also the idea that Iran would employ the PFLP-GC to carry out the anonymous attack ignores the fact that this ‘group’ has been thoroughly infiltrated by everyone.

    For many years the State has encouraged people to look everywhere, except under their nose. It’s time to go back to basics and re-examine the crash evidence.

    If they can lie about who did it, why not about, what caused it? See website, Lockerbie No bomb!

  3. British Journalism Review
    'Nearly 25 years later, readers of the Sunday Telegraph were regaled with a dramatic story about the son of Col Gadafy of Libya and his alleged connection to a currency counterfeiting plan. The story was written by Con Coughlin, the paper's then chief foreign correspondent, and it was falsely attributed to a “British banking official”. In fact, it had been given to him by officers of MI6, who, it transpired, had been supplying Coughlin with material for years.'

  4. Take a step back and look again at what happened.

    The plane was ascending to its flight height above Scotland when suddenly the flight signal disappeared from the radar screen, without a distress signal from the Captain.

    This tells you that the destruction of the plane was instantaneous. Indeed the cockpit detached from the plane in just three seconds?

    Could a bomb have inflicted such damage, or could there be another explanation?

    You do wonder because a public inquiry was never held. Also the AAIB report does not mention a bomb! They use the term Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and Megrahi’s charge sheet at Zeist, refers to a Device?

    You would think if a bomb was to blame, then the term bomb would be used in official reports, instead of euphemisms?

    See website: Boeing 747 Pan Am 103 not brought down by bomb explanation.

  5. In November 1992 Coughlin wrote an excellent article on the deaths of Ian Spiro and his family. In the epilogue to the 1993 paperback edition of his fantastic book Hostage he wrote of "wild allegations Spiro betrayed the travel plans of the several US agents who perished at Lockerbie." Was the multi-aliased Spiro also "David Lovejoy"?

    It has also been claimed that it was Spiro who pased the names of Megrahi & Fhimah to British & US intelligence although I suspect it was British and/or US intelligence who gave Spiro their names in the first place!

  6. Coughlin wrote "there was never sufficient material to build a convincing prosecution case." This is true but an objective investigation was abandoned with the "elimination" of Heathrow and the creation of the false "Libyan soluition" based on fabricated evidence.

  7. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2012, as an Example:
    Regarding Al-Megrahi's new book webpage "You are my Jury" (under Resources-Videos) on URL:

    About the BBC "Conspiracy Files": This documentary film is broken down into six parts on YouTube, where it’s called, incongruously, Lockerbie – "CIA framing Libya".
    The video part 2/6 has been closed because of alleged copyright ?
    Or was the Part 2/6 closed, because of the critical statements by FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise about PFLP-GC and IRAN... ???
    The missing part 2/6 can be viewed in the whole of the BBC documentary film at URL:

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland, URL: