Saturday, 24 December 2011

US State Department on Megrahi

[What follows is an excerpt from yesterday's US Department of State daily press briefing, conducted by acting spokesperson Mark C Toner:]

QUESTION: One question on Libya, too?

MR TONER: Sure. Go ahead.

QUESTION: Al-Megrahi, the guy who was accused of the bombing Pan Am, he gave an interview. He said it would be the last before he dies, and he is –

MR TONER: That’s a story we’ve heard before.

QUESTION: Yeah, yeah. He’s confirming his innocence. What’s the update on your talks with the authorities in Libya about the bombing of Pan Am?

MR TONER: I don’t have an update for you. I know we have raised it multiple times with the interim government. They pledged to cooperate. I think we’ve said before that they say they have a number of different priorities before they can tackle this problem. For us, clearly, this is a very high priority. And so we’re going to continue to talk and engage with them. I’ll try to see if I can get an update on where those discussions stand.

QUESTION: But you don’t take his words serious, like he’s saying he’s innocent?

MR TONER: I don’t. But we certainly welcome additional – an additional investigation into if there is more evidence on this. But he should be back in jail in Scotland. He never should have been released.


  1. Mr Toner is under instruction from the Us government.

    He should know that he is paid far too much for promoting lies.

    If he had a brain in his head, which he does not, he would know that neither Mr Magrahi nor Libya have anything to do with Lockerbie. The atrocity was a joint operation of the US government and that of Iran for the deliberate shooting down of IR655.

    That claim will be made forever, until the CIA confesses.

  2. It's alleged that Iran had a motive because of the shooting down of IR655.

    If motive was proof then all the victims of American aggression would be guilty.

    But viewed in context, for Iran the destruction of IR655 was just one incident in a 10 year war with Iraq, (Iraq supported by everyone) that had consumed a million lives.

    If Iran wanted revenge they would do so in any way they could and not anonymously.

    And the idea that Iran would employ the PFLP-GC to carry out the anonymous attack, ignores the fact that this 'group' has been thoroughly infiltrated by everyone.

  3. That makes sense, Dave.If this group was involved everybody and his granny would know all the details. But the real mystery about Lockerbie is if Megraghi didn't do it, who did? In my opinion, the Scottish justice system has allowed itself to be nudged ,nodded and winked at to the point that it convicted Megraghi on no proper evidence at all, with all the attention to proof of a Saturday night "2 cop breach." Less in fact! If the PFLP-GC was behind the bombing then the Heathrow break-in is a red herring. This group working alone could never have got a bag on the plane there.