Wednesday, 7 December 2011

PM challenged over Pan Am 103 evidence

[This is the headline over a news item published today on the website of Scottish lawyers' magazine The Firm.  It reads as follows:]

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been challenged by Professor Robert Black QC to make available any evidence linking deceased Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi to the Pan Am 103 atrocity, to the Dumfries and Galloway police.
The Prime Minister said yesterday that Gadaffi was responsible for the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher in 1984, the destruction of Pan Am 103 in 1988 and the supply of semtex to the IRA.

"First of all we are no strangers to what Gaddafi was capable of. He murdered the police officer on the street of London; he managed to blow up an airliner over the skies of Lockerbie; he gave Semtex to the IRA – Semtex that they’ve probably not even released even to this day. We know what he was capable of," Cameron said.

Professor Black has challenged the Prime Minister's assertion in relation to Pan Am 103, following revelations that the key witness linking convict Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to event was bribed by Scottish police, that the key forensics evidence was claimed to have bene fabricated by former MEBO employee Ulrich Lumpert, and that the evidence surrounding the use of semtex in the destruction of the plane does not bear scientific scrutiny.

"If the Prime Minister has evidence that Colonel Gaddafi blew up Pan Am 103 (or ordered it to be blown up) I hope he has made it available to the Dumfries and Galloway police who, we are told, are still actively investigating Lockerbie," Black said.

The accumulated doubts over the safety of the conviction have led to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluding that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred. A petition is currently active before the Justice Committee calling for an inquiry into these events.


    Re: Exonerating evidence in the "Lockerbie case"

    After 22 years of political problems with the "Lockerbie affair" and as an answer to "US Justice Undone", we would like to help the Scottish Parliament with a new forensic procedure of taking evidence to 100% rule out Libya and Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi from involvement in the PanAm 103 attack.

    As a manufacturer and supplier of (green) MST-13 timers, made from 9 layers of fibre glass and delivered to the military procurement in Libya between 1985-86 (two years before PanAm 103 crash) we could prove under the supervision of UK, EU and US experts in Edinburgh within 15 minutes that the original partial fragment DP/31(a) comes from a (brown) prototype MST-13timer "circuit board", which was not delivered to Libya!

    The smaller partial fragment DP/31(a) was separated from the (brown) original MST-13 fragment (PT/35) on 27th of April 1990 by Siemens in Munich (D), allegedly for forensic reasons and registered under label no. 419.
    This partial fragment was manufactured on the basis of 8 layers of fibreglass and therefore comes from a (brown) prototype MST-13 timer, which was not delivered to Libya!
    The *larger MST-13 partial fragment (colour brown) correspondingly was also made of 8 layers of fibreglass.
    (Ref: Siemens AG laboratory photographs ZPL-TW11-14).

    *This (brown) original partial fragment was exchanged for a duplicate (colour green) with 9 layers of fibreglass using a criminal machination as (PT/35(b), label no. 353! This was to deliberately make the link to Libya!
    On 13th-17th September 1999, I recognised the same facts after an assessment by procurator Mirian Watson in Dumfries.
    see **(2 Police reports, Statement Of Witness).

    Unfortunately as a witness in court in Kamp van Zeist (2000) the exonerating statements were refused!
    Reason: Libya could only have been involved in the PanAm 103 attack with a 9 layer fibreglass MST-13 timer Circuit Board (colour green)...
    Hereby I volunteer myself, Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. together with my ex Ing. Ulrich Lumpert in this important matter at short notice.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO LTD TELECOMMUNICATION, Switzerland. URL:

  2. ---------- Forwarded message ------
    Date: 2011/2/10
    Subject: Lockerbie

    Dear Mr Bollier,
    Thank you for your open letter of 7 January to the First Minister regarding the Lockerbie atrocity. I have been asked to reply.

    We have noted the contents of your letter. The conviction of Mr Al-Megrahi is a judicial matter and it would not be appropriate for the Scottish Government to either influence the process or to make comment.
    The Scottish Government has always been as open and transparent as possible which is why, following the announcement last December that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission has been unable to secure the necessary consents to release its statement of reasons in the Megrahi case due to the constraints of the current legislation, we now intend to bring forward legislation to overcome the problems presented by the current consent provisions.

    This will allow the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission to publish a statement of reasons in cases where an appeal is abandoned, subject of course to legal restrictions applying to the Commission such as data protection, the convention rights of individuals and international obligations attaching to information provided by foreign authorities.
    On the broader questions of an inquiry, the Scottish Government do not doubt the safety of the conviction of Al-Megrahi. Nevertheless, there remain concerns to some on the wider issues of the Lockerbie atrocity. The questions to be asked and answered in any such inquiry would be beyond the jurisdiction of Scots Law and the remit of the Scottish Government, and such an inquiry would therefore need to be initiated by those with the required power and authority to deal with an issue, international in its nature. The Scottish Government would not have the powers for example to compel witnesses to appear or the authority to compel the release of evidence. However, as was indicated last year, the Scottish Government would be entirely happy to co-operate fully with any such properly constituted inquiry

    Many thanks for raising this matter.

    Walter Drummond-Murray
    Criminal Law and Licensing
    0131 244 4222
    10 February 2011