Monday, 5 December 2011

Lockerbie bombing fabrication sealed Gaddafi's fate

[T]he Libya campaign was preceded by a years-long propaganda war that had prepared our domestic populations well for the eventuality of the 'evil dictator's' downfall. And perhaps it was the infamous Lockerbie bombing, which more than any other fabrication that sealed Gaddafi's fate (though at the time, Iran was the preferred culprit, accused by yet another defector).[1]

1. "A man claiming to be a senior Iranian intelligence service defector has said that Iran, not Libya, masterminded the Lockerbie bombing." -- 'Iran blamed for Lockerbie bomb', BBC News, 5 June 2000

[The above is an excerpt from an article by William Bowles published yesterday on the Global Research website and also today here on The 5th Estate website.]


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  2. I recall an article in a Danish newspaper about the Libya attack about 6 months ago. Readers could comment on the article, and there were about 30 comments or so, most expressing opinions on whether the attack was justified or not.
    On each comment other registered readers could click for "Thumbs up" or "- down". Comments would have at most about 5-7 "ups" or "downs".
    But there was one comment that showed a total of 55 thumbs up. The comment started with "But have you forgotten what he has done?" and went on to describe the horrors of the Lockerbie disaster.

    As a small-scale poll this shows the overwhelming importance of the Lockerbie-case in winning hearts and minds for the attack.

    Needless to say, that my reply to the comment - that Megrahi was wrongly convicted, and that Gadaffi thus was likely to be uninvolved - scored a nice total of thumbs downs!

  3. SM may be interested in my article "Lockerbie Criminal Justice or War by Other Means" at part III of the Masonic Verses at