Thursday, 20 October 2011

Susan Cohen reacts to report of Gadhafi’s death

[A report just published on the CBS New York website reads as follows:]

Ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was killed when rebels stormed his hometown Thursday, according to the Libyan government.

Gadhafi was alleged to be behind the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 back in 1988.

The 747 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 people on board and 11 on the ground. The plane was bound for John F Kennedy International Airport. Among those on board was 20-year-old Theodora Cohen.

Her mother, Susan Cohen, lives in Cape May Court House, New Jersey.

“I’m just hoping, hoping it’s true,” she told “I’ve been waiting a long time for this. If this is true this is going to be the happiest day of my life since Dec 20, 1988. Lockerbie happened on Dec 21st. This would be a great day. A tyrant has fallen. If this is true, that is a wonderful thing.”

“I have waited many years for this,” Cohen said. “It doesn’t bring closure. Closure doesn’t exist. Closure is a myth. It will not bring closure. But it is helpful. It does bring a sense of having some justice. I can say in the morning, ‘Theo… he’s gone. He’s dead.’ There’s justice.”

Cohen applauded the recent United States operations in Libya.

“I will certainly give President Obama credit. It has been just horrible, Gadhafi has gotten away with the most horrible crimes for years,” she said.

“If this is true I want to thank the Libyan people, because they… if they had not done this, I think we would still be back in a so-called ‘alliance’ with Moammar Gadhafi. It never should’ve happened.” 

Cohen was referring to the recent warming of relations between the US and Libya, which started when the Libyan leader gave up his nuclear program during the George W Bush administration.

“You can not deal with him. You can not make deals with him. All the governments knew what was happening to the Libyan people… the human rights violations… but they turned a blind eye to  it because it was all about the oil.”

“I will be in grief, and pain and suffering for the rest of my life… but it makes a difference to know that he is gone. I hope he’s dead,” Cohen said.

[Further reactions from US relatives are to be found in this report on The Daily Beast website.  That delightful human being, Frank Duggan, president of the group Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc (not himself a Lockerbie relative) is quoted as follows:]

"May he rest in pieces. It's not just the Pan Am families who are celebrating, it's people all over the world who are glad this monster is gone."


  1. I thought about commenting and decided that the quotes from these two individuals say more than enough. These people truly don't want the truth. They want to comfort themselves in their own version of it. I do not pity them. For in their "grief" they seek to shield the truly guilty and that, to me, is a wicked, evil thing.

  2. You mean like Jim Swire cozying up with Gadhafi?

  3. @ Sanjuana
    ??? Please explain.

  4. - Swire joined hands with an official from Gaddafi's apparatus of terrorism and summary executions, The Jamahiriya Student Union, to form the so-called Justice for Megrahi Campaign. Swire's partner was also recruiting support of Gaddafi loyalists in Libyan media.

    - Swire visited Gaddafi and consulted with him on the eve of launching his appeal to the Scottish government.

    - Swire's acts of sucking up to Gaddafi and taking part in his propaganda, include: Offering a picture of his own daughter to be hung on Gaddafi's wall of shame, side by side with Gaddafi's propaganda display of the month. After years of this sickening arrangement, comments by Saif Gaddafi about Lockerbie families trading with the blood of their lost relatives drew an angry reaction from Swire against his partners in the cause of justice.

    - Swire's suck up acts also include pinning a badge on Gaddafi's chest, inscribed with reference to some "Lockerbie Truth."

    - Swire and the people he represents accepted millions of dollars in compensation through a process that they themselves say was a travesty of justice. Think of the moral corruption that must underlie such a vile hypocrisy. The only way Swire could ever justify such an act is to admit he took the money to advance the cause of the one who paid it.

    It is amazing that the Libyan revolution has freed even the tongue of Jim Swire to acknowledge now that Gaddafi had an appaling record of "torture and execution, (usually with no trial) among his own people, and abroad" This from the same trader who joined hands with Gaddafi's hatchery of henchmen in the pursuit of justice, no less. Swire and Black and the whole lot would not be committing a more disgusting offense if they had joined hands with the KKK in the pursuit of racial equality.

    Too bad, though, Gaddafi is gone and, other than the money, Swire didn't get much for all his suck-up efforts. And the cranks of Scotland must now find a different dirty hook to jam up England's nose. This time, if they feel they must, let them use a dirty hook that acquired its dirt not by sinking in the blood of young Libyans, but in the blood of their own neighbors and young students.