Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hillary Clinton: We want to see him returned to prison

[According to a transcript just released by the US Department of State, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the course of an interview for ABC's This Week, said the following:]

QUESTION: What about the bomber of Pan Am 104 [sic], al-Megrahi, who was freed and brought back to Libya. Do you want to see him recaptured, re-imprisoned, and if so, where? In Libya or in the United States or in Britain or Scotland?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Christiane, I never thought he should have been released in the first place. I’ve raised this with the highest levels of the TNC. I will raise it with the new Libyan government. We want to see him returned to prison, preferably in Scotland where he was serving the sentence, but if not, elsewhere, because we thought it was a miscarriage of justice that he was released from the sentence that had been imposed for the ghastly bombing of Pan Am 103.

[This story features in a report headed Clinton wants Megrahi back in Scottish jail in the edition of The Herald for Monday 24 October.]


  1. Hillary Clinton seems to think that because she is female she needs to be tougher than her male predecessors. That doesn't excuse her complete stupidity or her refusal to accept the facts or the evidence. In short she is every bit as corrupt as all who went before her, perhaps even moreso. But then her views on Palestine prove that already. Like the rest she is in hock to Israel. Thus, we should ignore her.

  2. Hillary Clinton:

    Gadhafi had been killed-- Hillary Clinton said: "We came, we saw, he died"...
    Such a LADY is Secretary of State !!!
    Tastelessness and Shame for USA ...

    Edwin Bollier