Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bromsgrove father of Lockerbie victim remains resolute in quest for truth

[This is the headline over the first part of a special report featuring Dr Jim Swire published today on the website of the Birmingham Mail. The remaining two parts are to be published later. The second part of the special report can now - Wednesday, 26 October - be read here. The third part can now - Thursday, 27 October - be read here.

An article headlined Former Bromsgrove doctor says Gaddafi's involvement in Lockerbie remains unclear published today on the website of the Bromsgrove Advertiser contains the following:]

Dr Jim Swire, formerly of Pikes Pool Lane and whose 23-year-old daughter Flora was killed in the 1988 bombing, has always campaigned for justice for the only man convicted of the atrocity, Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi. 

He suspects Iranian involvement, and believes Lockerbie was used to “get revenge” on Gaddafi. 

Speaking to the Advertiser, Dr Swire said: “I am satisfied al-Megrahi is innocent, but we have no idea whether Gaddafi was ever involved or not. 

“The world was misled about Lockerbie and I still believe Libya is a side issue. 

“The problem we now have is the documents that will come out of Tripoli and Libya, following Gaddafi’s death, need to be checked thoroughly as things could be planted to support the American view.” 

Dr Swire has always campaigned for justice for al-Megrahi ever since attending his trial.(...)

“I am hoping to stir up the Scottish population - it would be a major step,” he said. 

“If Scotland wants to become a separate nation it needs to have a free fair justice system, which requires a review of the Lockerbie verdict.”

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